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The Family Name (Folk duo)
March 21 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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The Family Name Artist Bio

On the day Jacob Matte was born, he and Ben Matte became brothers – and they still are to this day. More recently they have become the two most prolific musicians in their Smiths Falls-based folk duo, The Family Name.

Soft rhythmic guitar and delicate mandolin counterplay lay the foundation for the brothers’ bright vocal harmonies. Melodies drawing from folk, country, and bluegrass bring to life songs about finding meaning and trying to be a good person through modern challenges. On stage, the brothers break up the sadness between songs with their dry wit and awkward humour (deliberate, most of the time).

Jacob and Ben are thrilled to share their harmonies and folk storytelling with new and returning audiences alike. They are looking forward to releasing their recent live off-the-floor video session and to recording the Family Name’s original music.