The week started out with seeing old Montreal friend and Bullmoose album artist Todd Breree! His folks have a place on Newboro lake and through multiple suspiciously encrypted voice to text messages from his dad, we managed to catch up in the last booth where they squeezed in all 5 for mom’s celebratory birthday lunch. It’s always special for me to see people from my Montreal past. That place will always be my other home, no matter how long I live. I spent my true formative years as a young adult there. I had to find out for myself what I was made of and whether I could manage to keep it together in the music business. As it turns out, my situation remains in music but has somewhat morphed into another area than the one our three piece power rock and roll trio was hoping to run with! Bullmoose was a band of another era or place perhaps. Montreal was Arcade Fire, The Dears, Stars, Godspeed, The Besnard Lakes…it wasn’t The Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Gov’t Mule…I seriously digress but the point is that we had flash of brilliance in our culmination as a recording unit in the dark horse of Montreal studios Breakglass, where illustrator/silkscreen artist Todd “Breeree” Stewart shared a work space with The Besnard Lakes folk. Having the forefront of Montreal rock being created as a daily soundtrack most certainly had an effect on his work but I bet his famed band poster work around town pushed back on the scene some of that effect as well. Our record was a huge undertaking by the standards of our little group and our landscaping funded finances (oh, how things have changed) and the art work gave such a vibe that we would never have been able to match without an actual illustration. Breeree was just what the doctor ordered for Speaker to Speaker. I suppose it’s there forever now? So nice to see your little family thriving!
Eerie how that Seattle episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown makes you feel at the end when they smoke a joint and all of the folk he interviewed through the episode sing lines from the Mark Lanegan tune, Some Strange Religion. He sits at the bar looking around blankly, so still like a Vegas photo. Took a lot people on a lot of trips with his talent. 
Thinking about Karen Hodgson of Sunnyside road. She lost everything but still has her cat and her family, and her health. She has had time to meditate on it but now, as she put it, it’s time for her to get on with everything. There will be efforts in the coming weeks to band together as a community to support her. Please keep an eye and help with your generosity in whatever form that may be. She is one thing right now, thankful.
My wonderful friend George Donoso will be in town on Thursday for the night and will be getting up on the drums for sure! I’m so excited. I love this guy. George recorded on the Sam Roberts’ hit record “We Were Born in a Flame” and toured the world and recorded some of the best records with the Dears as well as many more of Montreal’s elite of 10 years back like Stars, The Besnard Lakes, Black Diamond Bay and more! He has most recently been here with a Beatles act featuring Jason Kent of Young Petty Stones…Fun times, always. Number 1!
This week at The Cove!
Shawn McCullough and his night of tunes and the Open Mic continues weekly 7-10pm on Wednesdays. Get up, play a tune, get a chance to win a guitar!
Jazz Night is back by the way. Last week was incredible. Classic. Such a dancefloor! Dr. Ian Jackson flyin’. Andy Love full throttle. Weekly on Thursdays from 9-11pm.
Friday is The Goodnight Irenes featuring Chris Morris and Jon McLurg (of Turpin’s Trail). Think the music of Dylan, Townes Van Zant, The Grateful Dead and other modern-esque folksters. 6-9pm on the patio.
Saturday is Riley & Riley, an acoustic blues duo from Kingston made up of father and son. Great foot stomping delivery come to you mainlined…They will be on the patio from 6-9pm.
Sunday is Head Over Heels on the Patio from 12:30-3:30 weekly. The sun loves this loving couple. Let the music play!
Ottawa Bluesfest. Missed Foo Fighters and Greta Van Fleet but vicariously through a little video from my sister I got to see a snippet of Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl battling out a rehearsed drum barrage. Woooohoooo!
Opinicon Music Fest Sat.Jul.7 happened in Chaffey’s Lock. Nice to hear there is so much music in our chill piece of the world this time of the year! 
Thinking about our friend Gus McCormick and the accident he had recently. I hope he gets well soon. 
Remembering Manfred daily now. Tourists and seasonal folk are asking. It’s just downright weird but it’s our reality. I miss Manfred. There are just too many places you look and you see him. 
More to remember…Garry Lowe, bassist of Big Sugar died yesterday. What a cat this man was. His sound and vibe single handedly attracted me to that group in a way that I feel would have never have been as attractive without him. Rastafarian from Jamaica, he joined the band in the mid 90s and they put out Hemi Vision. This dub reggae period was the heyday of Big Sugar for me. A true mix and jam of the Blues, Reggae and Dub. The concerts that Ted, Jeff, Eric, Rich and I went to go down as some of the best ever, in my books. Gordie Johnson, their fearless guitar god leader professed his profound sense of loss yesterday, he was the wisest of the elders. Listen to some Big Sugar and tell me you don’t love and miss that band. Hemi Vision, Heated, Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready?
My friend Richie Khan needs everyone’s help right now. I won’t explain it all right now other than you can see the link on my personal Facebook page. He is a good guy, a positive force, an honest citizen and a loving father. It will all be legal soon…
So lucky to have our friends Adam and Isabella come from Toronto to escape the city for a couple of days. Whew. Beach got to know us well on Sunday!
What a little treat to have dinner with some folk from Port Macquarie, Australia tonight! Adam and Emma are old friends of my sister in law Kelly. Nice of you to stop in our village en route around the east coast of North America, half way through you teaching stint in Goderich! I’m sure we will cross paths again!
Picked Belgium in the FIFA World Cup. Now out but made it to the Semis! Go England, come on England! All three remaining games will be televised at The Cove.
Huge hometown congratulations to Sarah Bonner on her major podium finish at Triathlon Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain! Her first one as a pro! Beyond impressive! 
Next weekend Yuk Yuk’s comes town with some premiere comics! Patrick Haye, Cedric Newman and Ryan Dillon are on this one. All Tdot comics, it’s a food and laughs night. Come and take it all in from 7-11pm.
Good night, sweet princes!