All I could think about was Gooooooood Mornin’ Vietnam! this weekend! “It was so damn hot, I saw a little guy in an orange robe burst into flames!” I think it’s good for us all to sweat a bit like that and realize what Mother Nature is capable of.
The World Cup has been unreal. Full of underdog wins and champion team losses. All the games are full of fans at The Cove.
Fun mix of musical talent at the Cove this weekend past. From the country of Open Mic to the anything goes mix of Jazz Night to the Hip Campfire to the east coast folky times of Turpin’s Trail to the low end folk of Head Over Heels…Happy Canada Day! And a special shout out to The Dier’s and their next door annual party! Radio is a Karaoke Star!

Coming up at The Cove this week:

Rack ‘n Tunes with the great Shawn McCullough and friends and the Open Mic! Sing and Win a guitar! 7-10pm every Wednesday. Call for resos.

Thursday’s are getting wound up for the summer season with Jazz Night. 9-11pm weekly, it’s the Spencer Evans Trio with Andy Love and I. Anything you think you want to hear is what we want to play. Jazz is fun, jazz is played but it’s a name that isn’t 100% accurate of the music played. Come out! Party. Call for resos.

Friday is the return of the real, the local, the legend, Henry Norwood! Henry will be on the patio form 6-9pm. Not much more seems to be said or known!

Logan Brown and Taylor Angus won’t be playing this coming Saturday on the patio due to a recent hiring to be the resident lounge musicians at Ottawa Bluesfest. Couldn’t be happier for this young talent who literally have everything going for them. Play the blues kids! The folk sounds of Dave Balfour will be heard on the patio instead. Great to have this accomplished singer songwriter back on stage. 6-9pm

Head Over Heels are back every Sunday with their soulful folk, jazz and blues music. What treat all around to have Big Poppa Zak Colbert on bass all day Canada Day! Sunday’s 12:30-3:30pm on the patio providing it isn’t feeling like an equatorial rainforest!

Yuk Yuk’s Comedy night at The Cove on Sat.Jul.21…some hot Toronto comics are coming! Call for resos.

Congrats to the people around the US that marched to support their sense of pride and respect for basic rights at the Immigration marches this weekend. Talking to you Jessica and Joe McQuillan especially.

Pat Murphy and I had a chat about how unreal it was that the little Kingston band gone big, The Glorious Sons opened for The Stones in Marseille, France last week! Such an honour! Our friend and former sound man Geoff Chown who has been on the road with them has been a rock in their band too. Chris Koster is in seventh heaven after this one…congrats guys, The Cove stages awaits your triumphant return as soon as you can fit us in…

Sending love, support and thoughts to Karen Hodgson who lost her home in a fire off Sunnyside Road this past week. Any support in any way is incredibly appreciated.

I’m quite happy and proud of my little nephew Braydon Kelly. He finished a school project called the Greatest Canadian and decided to do it on Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip. He is the greatest to so many for sure. It was serendipitous that the day he finished that project, he also had a chance to meet Paul Langlois of The Hip as they were playing The Cove Friday. Inspiration comes in simple ways and sometimes timing is key.

Congratulations to the members of the committee involved in the Opening of the Lockwood Park Stage on Canada Day! Thanks to Scott Blair Construction, the members of council, the village team, local residents and volunteers and everyone else who pitched in to this great benefit to the community. It is truly a beautiful structure. Without people like Kim Bonner and her vision, this just would not have been possible. And that goes for the refurbishment of the whole park!

Thinking about our buddy Richard, Margot Rothwell’s husband. Get well man.

Special shout out to my good friends and musical compatriots Tavis Triance and Jason Kent, formerly of Spoon River. They are going to be playing as a duo for the Montreal Jazz Festival at Place des Arts opening for stomp slide blues troubadour Jack Broadbent. Are you reading the Montreal? Go.

Music. Rules.