What a weekend with the magical blues power of David Rotundo. Mr. Magnetic and his band of Chuck, Des, James and Shane are clearly loved and were sorely missed by the clambering fans both nights this weekend at The Cove. David hadn’t returned into years and it showed! The shows were the perfect fit for closing out the 12th season of Blues on the Rideau!

I personally had a nerve-racking, yet incredibly rewarding and intimate performance with David on Saturday afternoon where we played an acoustic lunch matinee together. He sang mainly Bob Dylan songs and I sang some of my tunes as well as some other chestnuts. It felt real good and we plan to do it again next year for sure.

Check out for up to date info on the 2018/19 season lineup coming out anytime now! I know David Rotundo will be back as well as greats like Jack De Keyzer, The Hogtown Allstars and more. Some great new additions as well! Thanks James and enjoy your track out west on your bike. Diane will be with you all the way!

Big week at the Cove for music! This week marks the beginning of the summer 2018 summer music programming of music five days a week from Wednesday to Sunday until Canadian Thanksgiving!

This Wednesday will be the guitar draw at Wings ‘n Tunes which will happen somewhere near the end of the night around 9pm. Leading up to that you still have a chance to win the guitar if you play a tune and put your ballot in the bucket! Thanks to Nathan that Long and McQuade for graciously donating yet another guitar to the cause! Next week is the seasonal change and start of the summer-long Rack ‘n Tunes + The Open Mic 7-10pm!

Thursday is the first Jazz Night of the season with Spencer Evans solo! That’s right folks! The Wild man will be flying free! No band to get in his way…drummer Andy Love and I will be joining him weekly, come the end of June. Catch this one and only, One of a kind show 8-10pm weekly if you dare!

Friday night on the patio is Jesse stone from Montreal. A ragged old school rocker somewhat reminiscent of the aura of Sam Roberts, Jesse will take you on a trip with original and classic jams. 6-9pm

Saturday morning is the inaugural Royal Wedding Viewing + Breakfast Party at 6:30am! Harry and Meghan tie the knot! Thanks to Kim Bonner for all her help! Sold out!

Saturday night is the return of the one and only Chris Murphy, solo of Turpin’s Trail! If you don’t know about this guy and you love East Coast, Celtic folk and more, this is your new best friend. 6-9pm

Sunday afternoon is the return of Head Over Heels on the patio for the seventh season playing Sunday matinees while you drink Caesars and eat poutine! Their on stage synergy is so real and easy. Come and relax with them! 12:30-3:30pm

Sunday night is the main event! Tony Silvestri Band is back! Hometown boy Tom Savage is the guitar slinger and Tony is like Ian Lord from Deep Purple or Elton John or himself whenever he wants to be! Come and see for yourself how amazing this classic rock monster is! $45 Buffet and Show. $15 Show only.

Did you check out “This is America” by Childish Gambino (Donny Glover’s Hip Hip alter ego)?

Year of the Peg. Shout out to my cousins and my Gram! The whiteout is on. Lots of action about there in Winnipeg with the Jets doing so well this year. Imagine a win for a Canadian team? Why is it so weird?

Gibson is bankrupt! Not exactly. Seems that is the word on the musical instrument company around the net. The company who wield the great Les Paul electric guitar in their arsenal are “re-focusing in manufacturing and reorganizing around its core businesses in the Musical Instruments segment.” If you own a Gibson like me, you’re thinking this is sort of blow but I think it’s a case of the effects of the share of market toll on globalization of business and those who have tried to diversify too much! Perhaps more should stick to the Steamwhistle beer mantra, “do one thing and do it well”. My 1980 Grabber bass never had a warranty that I know of anyway.

So good to see our bud Larry Miles Friday night. His wife Gail passed away not too long ago and it’s been hard to say to the least.  He came to see David Rotundo at The Cove as well as local friends and also hit the annual Gretsch guitar nerd show in Kingston! Something he highly recommends for Guitar nerds by the way…

As we start to enter the busy months of summer I’d like to thank everyone who supported live music in the area over the winter. It’s a tough time for all of the Westport residents during that slower time and you help us get through the sometimes tough times at the Cove. We are grateful for the support from all of you as each and every show would not be as special. As we all know, reciprocation is the name of the game when it comes to performance so having an audience is key. Luckily there is music st The Cove year round!

I’m proud to announce the 12th annual MUSICwestport Festival lineup! First off, the annual Kick Off Party at The Cove Fri.Aug.17 with one of the most impressive fiddlers/performers/acts in Canada, Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything. It’s dinner and show $50. Call for early reservations! Then there is the free all day outdoor music festival which is growing in size and activity yearly! Ariana Gillis, Treebot feat. Andy Love, Joe Skuce Band feat. Jamie Campbell and Dave Balfour, The Hit Pickers, Abby Stewart fear. Chris Murphy, Greg Ball feat. Rob Radford, Yuka (Canada’s Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings), The Bank Street Bonbons (8-Piece Brass Band) and The Steadies feat Earl Pereira of Wide Mouth Mason! Thanks again the amazing volunteers of WAC and the unwavering support and generosity of the local business to help keep this a free festival to lucky festival goers for 12 years!!!!!!!!!!

Do you just love the arts and want to join a strong organization that wants to make an impact and sustain the Arts  on our area?…

Join the Westport Arts Council! Contact them

Did you hear that local illustrator and proprietor of Papillon Press Joel Kimmell designed an official coin for the Royals? And he is a local Westport guy? And you can spot him most likely when he is flaunting his most incredibly decorated house at Halloween or walking his dog with his partner Chantal!? Congrats on seizing the opportunity all way!!

Thinking about Margie Norris and her cancer treatment. Hoping she gets the best care. I know that the folks at the Village Green have been really great to her! Bless.

Thinking about Murray Dier too. Have known the Dier clan all my days here in Westport with Brad and family my former neighbours in Slabtown. Hoping he gets well.

Looking forward to playing a Toronto show with Miss Emily Wednesday night.

Coming up next weekend at The Cove: Fri.May.25 Tom Watson and Sat.May.26 Jeff Callery.

“My love is Alive” – Gary Wright