Volume 152!!! I have to sit back and think about that for a bit. I guess that means it’s been about 3 years weekly. Write on!

Happy birthday to my love, Meggie May Bomberry. She is amazing mother, dedicated worker, happy wife and she is a partner in life I’m incredibly lucky to have. I love you!

One of those world class bands is coming to town…Lonesome Ace Stringband on Fri.May.4! The GTA band features some bonafide ace players like John Showman on Fiddle from New Country Rehab, Chris Coole and Max Heineman from The Foggy Hogtown Boys. These men have given themselves to Old Time music and roots songs like few really do these days. It is a sound that harkens to the simple Appalachian days of old. It’s deep, Bluesy, clear, virtuosity, breathtaking, and can stir up the innermost feelings in all of us. They are touring their newest release “When the Sun Comes” having just returned from a run in the States stopping at Merlefest among other roots and Bluegrass festivals. Westport is insanely lucky to have them! I will be frank, I love to get this kind of music and more challenging music like this which may appeal more to different ears. Amazing thing I’ve noticed is that it’s the stuff you don’t much about that is usually one of the greatest trips. I urge Westport and its area residents to come and see this show. Come and take a chance. There will be old stories and new hot banjo licks, Fiddle slides, 3-part high and lonesome harmonies, and a most memorable night of music! Get transported to a different age.
7-10pm $15 @ The Cove.

The omnipotent rockstar of the Blues on the Rideau is returning May.11 and 12 for a weekend of great vibe blues music of the highest caliber! Mr. David Rotundo, old school performer extraordinaire, harmonica master and gruff singer, has sold out both nights. This weekend of shows ties up the series for the year. What an incredible 13th year it was! All of this musical resurgence in our area sort of started to happen around the time I moved back home from Montreal. Proud to be a part of it all. Rotundo was the first of the Blues on the Rideau musicians to invite me up on stage to jam a bit. It’s been a regular tradition almost every show now! That relationship has lead us to keep in touch philosophically and musically. He has a great soul and I’m proud to say that I will be playing a Matinee concert, and Acoustic Lunch of sorts, with him and some others at The Cove on Sat.May.12 12-3pm. The two night shows are now sold out due to high demand and the fact that he hasn’t been back in a couple of years. You see, here is an intangible about Rotundo. You just have to feel him in a room, or on stage! Maybe a Dylan or two.  Thanks to our wonderful James Doran for another year of bringing the Blues to rural Ontario! It’s been an bewildering and emotional year for him.

The character who is Sandy Stubbert is about to release a folksy collection of songs, ones I recorded with her in January with Tom Savage, Bonz Bowering and Toby Silvestri.

Colleen Serson’s 50th birthday weeks aw almost over. Sounds like she was showered with love, kindness and good laughs. Enjoy your eastward trip!

I had the pleasure of playing County Pop festival in Picton on the weekend! Great upstart grassroots music festival featuring food and libation of Prince Edward County.  I played bass for Miss Emily (Fennell) and she is just getting better. Powerful bluesy soul stuff coming from her own on her latest record, In Between. Some might be interested there is another hometown show Sat.Jun.16 at The Isabel Bader in Kingston!
Cute to see with Craig Jones on bass at The Waring House as we dined. Big ups to Kevin Head who sold out Acoustic Grill, our first dinner choice.

I hear Shawn McCullough is recoding again. Hope get my way into it! Haha! Wings ‘n Tunes returns this week 6:30-9:30pm. Almost the Guitar Draw from Nathan at Long & McQuade, May.16. The meat special will switch to Rack of Ribs, hence Rack ‘n Tunes on May.23. How clever of us!

Sending big amounts of love to Paul Herlehy and his family and friend. He suffered a heart attack last Tuesday night. He is showing signs of progress according to his family. He has been such a massive part of his community for years operating Home Building Supply and Foley Mountain Mercantile. Westport loves that boy. Get well and take the time you need Paul!

Thoughts to Derek Palmer and the loss of his dad. Stay strong bud.

Sending good loving thoughts to our great friend Rheanne and her family’s loss as well.

Shout out to Anthony Bourdain for shining light in the sense of community that he found in his visit to West Virginia. One hat respects the land and family and cultural traditions.

Toronto sports! Congrats to all those Leafs fans. Was a great year. I’m a Habs fan. Canada represent with the Jets!

As my grandma would say, “Kwitesuphishunt”.

Music, music all the time.