Well, I gotta hand it to you Diane Magee. When you came to me about 5 years ago with your idea/complaint about there being no official St. Patrick’s Day celebration in our predominantly Irish settled area, I thought to myself, “yeah, so.” But here we are some years later with a momentous situation where we literally have to turn people away for seating at The Cove. It started as a harmless, classic night stoked with the token limerick contest, Irish menu, Irish band green beer, revelry. Now, it’s a full on parade from the Beer Store and stretch of mayhem in The Cove with local Irish/East Coast music channelers Turpin’s Trail, thanks to folk from the area coming to pay their respect to good ol St. Patrick! Catholic Church Service starts 11am with some Fiddle entrance music from Catherine Walsh…so I’m told. The Parade starts from The Beer Store at 5pm led by Kim Kelly, Terry Bryan and the crew! Sara Mclean is taking a bus to The Keystorm Pub for breakfast and back to make the parade! Music is from 6-10pm. Sorry, all seating is reserved at The Cove.
Sunday, the annual St. Patrick’s Day hangover party hosted by Shawn McCullough happens on Sunday from noon to 3pm! This time we have Wade Foster coming to Fiddle around and then, you know what? If your head was too big to make it to that, come on out to the Legion for and late afternoon soirée with some residual green activity before the book is closed on 2018. Have a safe weekend everyone, our little piece of Ireland!
If you have it in you, come see an unreal Blues band from Kitchener this Friday! Wrote about Sean Pinchin and his band last week. Serious slide, fingerpicking, songwriting, singing from a young and hungry bad boy. Looking forward to this show as much as any this Blues on the Rideau season! 7-11pm $65 + HST
Do you ever sit back and think about your life and the music you’ve heard? Hey, maybe you’re not like me. I sit back and think about this kind of stuff all the time. The range of sounds that have run across the field of my mind astound even me. And to be honest, I really love every last second of it. Even if I don’t like it. It’s all been a process. And it’s certainly been a journey. I’m constantly reminded of the sheer creativity and vulnerability of the art and how humans give themselves to it. It really is truly a happy thing to me. How comforting is it to put on some music you love? I keep finding more and more. I’m going to try to keep introducing you to some music which I’m not certain will be music you have never heard before but am certain most haven’t. I have always loved Plants and Animals since I saw them play one of the Mandatory Moustache Tuesday’s at Divan Orange in a snow storm. No biggie to a street walker like me looking for a mind blowing end of the tunnel experience on a Tuesday. Their symmetric looking guitar flanking drums approach was magnetic. Their psychedelic meandering took us all for a ride that night. Sadly, I haven’t seen them much since but have been active touring internationally with much underground tastemaker success. Planning to see them again soon.
Speaking of Divan Orange, I have played in 5 different bands who have played there. Spoon River, The Natural Way, Bullmoose Album Release, JP Houston, The High Dials. Sad of this news.
From Exclaim! Magazine November 2017:
Montreal Venue Divan Orange to Close Next Year.
Montreal music venue Divan Orange has announced plans to shutter its doors by next spring.
In a statement via Urbania (translated by Google), the venue cited its “untenable” financial situation as the reason for closure.
The message also outlined previous attempts to rescue the business, including internal evaluations and reaching out to political players, but ultimately the venue concluded that it had run out of time and resources.
The venue’s financial struggle became apparent a few years back, when they launched a fundraising campaign to help pay off noise complaint fines.
The Divan Orange team estimated that more than 10,000 acts have graced their stage since opening 13 years ago, and prided themselves on creating a “unique, authentic, accessible” space to foster experimentation and success for a wide range of artists.
A final date has yet to be announced for Divan Orange’s closure, but you can track the remaining upcoming events on their site.
Sorry to my aunt Judy, uncle Paul and the Saabas clan for the loss of their dog/son/Friend/sibling Jack.
Shawn McCullough’s daughter Taylor was engaged to boyfriend Zach last Wednesday  at Wings ‘n Tunes while a knowing father, Taylor’s dad Shawn McCullough hosted the night! Haha! More wedding proposals, musical epiphanies, all around buddy good times to come weekly at Wings ‘n Tunes every Wednesday at The Cove! House band, just come and sing or play and you could win a guitar!

Should be a hammer of a party on St. Patrick’s Day Dance with rocker band, RoarShack. It’s another fundraiser for the Elgin Outdoor Rink. Remember there was a fundraiser at The Cove headed by Pam Cairncross mid February? I suspect she will be in the mix somehow too. Great fundraiser efforts to all of those involved, kudos to you. Fun time happens Sat.Mar.17 8-11pm at Elgin Lions Hall! Contact Claire Klein Gunnewiek or call the Hall!

The spring time WAC East Coast Kitchen Party will be spearheaded by a new group, The Fiddleheads from Belleville on Sat.Mar.24 1-4pm. Might be some Irish dancers too!!! Nice way to elongate St. Paddy’s.
My friend Christine Jennings has graciously taken on the volunteer position with the Westport & Rideau Lakes Chamber of Commerce as “Visitors Centre” co-ordinator. The WRLCC is seeking volunteers to help in the Visitors Centre this year. Please call Christine Jennings, Visitors Centre Co-ordinator at 613.453.7063 to be included as a volunteer and/or for additional information. Thank you to all of the hard working individuals who constantly volunteer there time to the service of their communities!
Go Blue! Go Green! Go Red! Go Orange!