News flash:
The Cove Country Inn is open again 7 Days a Week! Thanks for allowing us and our staff a little start-of-the-week break for January and February! Ended it by a little team building excursion. Valuable time!

The one, the only Dan “Elwood Blues” Aykroyd was into The Cove for lunch on Family Day! Had a burger and a margarita. He also had what appeared to be a family with him. Fun stuff. The funny man had not been to The Cove yet to my knowledge. Nice to see these types are still lurking about in our remote locale. My favourite line by him in a movie? “Listen, do you smell something?” Guess the movie and you get to pat yourself on the back!

Really bad, loud and brash Canadian rock band Hedley have withdrawn from this year’s Juno awards. Of course, that’s my opinion. But they released a statement on Facebook in response to the sexual allegations against them that, “there was a time, in the past, when we engaged in a lifestyle that incorporated certain rock and roll clichés. However, there was always a line that we would never cross.” In the wake of the #metoo movement, I honestly can’t believe how bold this statement is. So many cliches are the foundation of rock and roll but to basically admit to exploiting that which is sexual misconduct, and with minors, suggests to me that these guys deserve to made and example of. On top of everything, they decided to continue playing their tour in hopes of keeping their fans on their side and telling them what they want to hear. Things are really coming to a head here for them. Funny, I quickly met these guys when they were practicing naked together in the bottom of the Bell Centre in Montreal when an old roommate was opening for them. I guess they are trying to say something?

Big news: there is a Farewell to Ila Vann show on Sun.Mar.4 at Blu Martini in Kingston. The former Northern Soul great and backup singer to the cream of he crop like Kenny Rogers, Ray Charles and more is turning 80 and is moving back to the US. I have had the pleasure of playing many shows with her over the past few years at The Cove under the leadership of Spencer Evans and our jazz nights. I’m regretting to admit that I’m not sure if I will be able to attend this show but I NEED to try. The show starts 3pm. The soul will go overtime. Love to you Ila!
Kingston cult favourite and unbridled bandleader Reuben DeGroot is returning from Vancouver for a show Friday, March 2 at Blu Martini is well! Great to hear he is keeping close ties with the Limestone buds. No doubt this show will be a free for all!

Happy Family Day! I got to spend some time with mine. It was so bright, blinding and beautiful on Sunday morning sliding in the front yard. Thankfully we are on a dead end street that has virtually only local traffic. And it was definitely a party, a Hoedown, showdown. Shawn and Henry played the ol’ Country Music they know and we know and love. They had an added voice on Sunday with Family Day Hoedown…brother Dave McCullough on bass. Had fun throwing myself into the mix for a few tunes too. Thanks to Rhe Rhe, Kim, Mo, Suz, Dana, Lisa, Dustin, Emily, Sarah, Nora, Mary, Terry and Brooke this weekend.
Pam Cairncross made $370 to put toward funding for the Elgin rink/tennis court/basketball court.

At The Cove weekly is Wings ‘n Tunes and the Open Mic with Shawn McCullough and others every Wednesday from 6:30-9:30pm.

Chris Murphy needs little if any introduction. I mean, he plays in Crooked Wood! Haha, I mean Turpin’s Trail! He is literally one of the most solid players of his east coast folk craft that you can find in eastern Ontario. So much so that Sean McCann of the famed maritime band Great Big Sea has employed him as his partner! I’m calling The this one the Turpin’s Primer. St. Paddy’s with his band Turpin’s Trail have all but sold out The Cove on St. Paddy’s already. Catch him solo on Friday at The Cove 6-10pm.

Saturday night we pick up where they left off. Michelle Tompkins and Mike O’brien are down from Montreal to serenade their laid out acoustic brand of old time folk and country music. Old fellow musicians of the Plateau scene, these two have been grinding it out for years and have maintained their stature as pillars of the creative community there. The couple will be showcasing their talents in their six-strings as well as their harmony through their voices and their songwriting. 6-9pm at The Cove

Hey fans of the NBA, did you catch the Half Tine snow with Bouncing Around by Pharell at The NBA All-Star Game. I’ll tell you, it wasn’t like his mega crossover hit, Happy! But it was a back street jam! Man, that was a secret weapon with that freestyle dancer. Did anyone hear Fergie’s wonderful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner?

Been loving the Olympics! Was cool to see some super Olympics. With the ladies ski half pipe where Manfred’s next-door neighbour Cassie of Comox, BC won Gold!

Next weekend is Miss Emily with local Rideau Vista principal Jamie Campbell as they channel Carole King and James Taylor! Fri.Mar.2 Buffet and Show. Selling fast, thought I’d let you know if you want to come!

Til next week! I’ll tell you about The Barr Brothers show tomorrow in Hull…

Send me local musical info if you got it!

Seamus Cowan