Sorry I missed last week kids. Happy Valentines Day! This is for all you lovers out there! Remember that from Back to the Future when Marty McFly is about to be erased from history unless his dad George goes to bat for his mom? Music at the dance was to Earth Angel by Marvin Berry & The Starlighters?

Did you see former SNL comic Fred Armisen’s Standup Netflix special, Standup for Drummers yet? Uhhhhhhh!!!! Totally amazing, nerdy drummer jokes form the backbone of his set but most impressive is how this guy has not only his hot drumming chops down but also his sense of grounding and musicology with the history of the drum kit since it’s inception during the autumn years of the 1800s. Fred can play and he got delivery behind the kit and the mic!

Did you hear? The Canadian Senate has passed a motion to change the Canadian national anthem to become gender neutral.

There is a Mercedes Daimler president speech about the prediction and dire warnings of our future. I know it’s good for songwriting but we need governments to start to really lead on the history of our healthy planet.

Lots of musical applications for shows this spring and summer. Impressive amount of acts from all over Ontario and Quebec looking to come to The Cove and Westport…the festival. Too many choices! Keep them coming though!

Nice to run into Pastor Rusty the other day. Chatted about Bluegrass music due to his Grand Ole Opry hat! Turns out he plays and his old buddy Lyle Mayfield was a true Kentucky archival type and heavy picker

Did a video interview local Cottage Coffee  owner John Pringle who has a series going called  “Espresso Shots”. It’s intended to have a little fun and create a relaxed insight to the lives and boughs of local business owners. Great on you John! Thanks for the cameo Manfred!

Listened to the 70s Aerosmith catalogue. Only ever heard their hits! What I love about music is hat you can never know it all. The hits hang around out there with their tentacles of familiarity to reel us in with ease like fish out of season. Well, I got hooked on Aerosmith this week. Take a trip! Then go check out the band Pride Tiger from BC about 10 years ago.

Early this morning, my old Montreal buddy Mark Sabapathy and his wonderful wife Sara Nemati had their second child, Elliott Francis Sabapathy! Exceedingly happy for them! We love you guys! Some of the sweetest people we know.

Thank you Mary Dier for being a guardian angel of sorts last Monday night. You helped me with my meltdown 3 year old and you are a calm, special lady!

Great news update! The lineup is starting to come together for the 12th annual MUSICwestport 2018 free outdoor music festival on Sat.Aug.18! It’s almost confirmed that divinely inspired violinist/fiddle player Jaron Freeman-Fox will play the MUSICwestport Kick Off on Fri.Aug.17!!! Tickets will go fast so I’m letting you locals know in advance!

Have I mentioned that Ric Stoness is an awesome guy, dedicated businessman and wonderful worker! So is his crew by the way!

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics have started! I’ve been a big Olympic fan since I can remember the first one I watched when we just left Calgary in 1988 to move here! Seoul Summer Olympics was the same year…watched a little Shaun White on the half piper and dying to seeing some hardcore alpine skiing asap too!

Van Halen is celebrating the 40th anniversary of their first self-titled record this week. It debuted at 19 on the Billboard Top 100 and it sold over 10 million copies making it the 10th best selling rock record of all time. I admit, I’m not versed in their other records but I remain convinced that 1984 is their artistic behemoth.

The now annual Friends of the Arena Skatathon happens this coming Mon.Feb.19 2-4pm, Family Day! It’s truly becoming a real holiday for Canadians. A valuable holiday for families. FOTA is an integral group of Cali trees essentially. These folk who have some lots invested in the Arena are one of the main reasons the rink is still operational. Congrats to Folk like Bob Scott, Mark Herlehy and more FOTA folk for continuing this tradition! Don’t miss the Skatathon! Look for upcoming FOTA events!

This week’s music at The Cove is:

This Wednesday is Valentine’s Sweetheart Night with country and rock balladry from Shawn McCullough! There is a 3 Course Table d’hôte Menu with the lovely music you know by Shawn. $50 + HST and is open 5:30-9:30pm! Celebrate love!

This coming Friday is Blues on the Rideau with Harpdog Brown and the Travelin’ Blues Show with Sugar Brown. Some barrelhouse Blues for sure with honking harp and raps from Harpdog himself. Love to play a tune with these lads! Fri.Feb.16, 7pm buffet, 8pm the music hits! $65 + HST Buffet, Show and Charity.

This Sunday will be the annual Family Day Hoedown with Henry Norwood and Shawn McCullough from 4-8pm $5! Pam Cairncroaa will also be collaborating with The Cove for a South Crosby Outdoor Rink Fundraiser.

The Jr. B Elimination Draw was a blast! Nice to hear that the winner donated the $5000 back to the Rink! Holy moly!!!

Talk to you soon,
Seamus Cowan