Ok. Busy week. Verging on point form here. Deet doot.

First off, changes in a band dear to my heart.  Though an amicable split, harpist Sarah Page from The Barr Brothers has decided to part ways and move forward in a different direction working on a creative new project. Her towering harp weaving a dreamy soundscape has been one of the true hallmarks of their sound. It will be a huge change but evolution always strikes a band, no matter how it rears it’s face. I plan to see them when they come to Gatineau again on Thu.Feb.22 to play some inspired work of their newly released record “Queen of the Breakers”.

Next, ski video guru Warren Miller dies at 93 years old. I haven’t even read one single eulogy or memoir of his work because all I need to know is how he pushed the boundary of capturing the out-of-bounds skiing experience on video like no other! I used to cram those Glen Plake videos with my bro watching the crazy pioneer jump off with his 240cm K2 extreme skis, shirt off and multi-coloured, fluorescent, foot high spiked Mohawk hair which he ironed with wood glue! Matty Dubs, ya hear? RIP Warren

Funky dude Bruno Mars cleans up at the Grammy Awards. The man has melody and soul. I mean, pop music is what it is people! The kid has stamina, can dance and loves to smile and have some simple fun when he is entertaining. Maybe that’s old school, I don’t know but it sure seems out of the norm these days with song on the big stage.

Cool to hear my cousin Lana’s co-worker and friend, filmmaker and and documentarian Nicolina Lanni on CBC speaking the other day about the shift in Hollywood toward more female filmmakers! Check out her doc called Lost & Found. A profound insight to the journey of Japanese mementos from the earthquakes that floated across the Pacific to North America.

Muppet drummer Animal dies. Nuff said. Listen to Merry Christmas Santa on The Muppets Christmas Carol and you will know why this is so monumental. My cousins, the Casey’s of Vancouver opened my ears to his brilliance. Thank you Uncle John for channeling this furry entertainers.

Went down some Spoon River memory lane last week. Our band created some classic sounds and ferocious grooves. Found some great video online. Worth a word search.

Celt music brothers Turpin’s Trail gave a solid soundtrack to the first Robbie Burns night at The Cove. What a success for the Friends of Lockwood Park committee. After the silent auction, 50/50 Draw and portion of tickets, $2750 was raised! Thanks again to Kim Bonner and her committee for all of the hard work and all of he donors for the gift baskets. MC Dave Balfour, you have many new fans. Let’s do it again next year!!! ACH, to the Haggis!!!

Fun fact: musician Rich Aucoin texted his latest album to his iPhone’s contact list! First to do it? Good idea? Discuss.

February is Black History Month. Don’t forget this. Since I first started watching Rap City on MuchMusic, I have been educated on this important time of recognition. It’s a serious time but a joyful time. What better way to recognize than listening to some great music!

Coming this week to The Cove:

Wings ‘n Tunes every Wednesday! Shawn McCullough in the house, with house band. Sing and you could win a guitar! Skidooers!!! Please be careful out on that ice! With the temperature going up and down, things can be tricky out there. Love to see you though! 6:30-9:30pm Oh, and try the steak or chicken fajitas on Thursday nights!

Honey and Rust return this Friday. I’m happy to announce they will be here. Some local folk are definitely excited as well! Jo and Cristy are a strong duo vocally and instrumentally. They play piano and drums and they play them hard! The ladies from Ottawa play 6-9pm. No cover.

Ducks Reunion this Saturday! Seating is almost full up! Great to hear the word for our with such a tabloid of a poster. Magical place, looking forward to a magical night with old friends and stories. It’s gone forever physically but hey, it holds some huge real estate in our hearts. Musical guest, Smitty! Remember? The man who would be singing his lungs out after Jazz Night? The migration was real. Smitty has just freshly returned from Nashville on a pilgrimage  to the homeland.

Coming soon to The Cove:

Re-Opening 7 days a week on Valentine’s Day Wed.Feb.14! Been a short winter already with the reduced hours. Start your engines…

Valentine’s Sweetheart Dinners will be going down on Fri.Feb.9 with the acoustic soul of Logan Brown and Taylor Angus and Wed.Feb.14 with country/rock balladeer Shawn McCullough. FYI, Pub Fare is available both nights but try the 3 Course Table D’hôte as a special deed to your loved one. Reserve your spot!

Sat.Feb.10 the annual Jr. B Elimination Draw with Jeff Callery’s music. 6-10pm

Check out Jeff Code & Silver Wings at The Westport Legion Sun.Feb.11! Great Sunday in the Country band!

Aussie guitar master Lloyd Spiegel is doing a large theatre tour of the Maritimes in the fall. NAC in Ottawa and Octave in Kingston after. Tried to get him back and still might have the chance. Stay tuned.

Enjoy your freedom. Let me know of your musical happenings.
Seamus Cowan

Ps Joe Kennedy III speaks! #wechooseboth