Movember has returned. In fact, we are half way through Movember 2017! I am continuing with supporting and growing my Mo for Movember under Seamus Cowan at Feel free to spread the word and help to spread some awareness and maybe some funds for men’s health.
Thanks and Love.
Here is my father’s story which is the main reason for my efforts:
Diagnosed with mild prostate cancer in my early 60s, it was either watch and wait, Band-Aid it or take it out. Took the latter in spite of some negative aspects like ED as high as 40%. But I couldn’t imagine my life knowing that there was a cancer growing inside me, even if it was slowly. Opted for taking it out [prostatectomy] and have been very happy with that decision ever since. Had many men ask me my opinion as to what they should do and always told them of my choice without hesitation. There used to be this saying “You’ll never die from prostate cancer, you’ll only die with it!” We know now that this is not true and many friends of mine and yours, I’m sure, can attest to it’s incorrectness. Always had regular PSA tests and although not perfect, it is an indicator so anyone close to 50 years old should be doing it. A relative of mine was not and when I had my operation he had a PSA test done and it was over 30. They operated within 24 hours and he is alive and well today. Hope this will help anyone making their decision.
New Beck record is fonkeee! Pummelling new deep traxx. He seems to flip flop from the pensive psychedelia to scrap book funk records with samples laid on top of each other like plastic coloured light filters. It’s no secret his eccentric reputation in the music world and the fact that he is virtually known as a sonic pop scientist. His inhibitions have helped him lead the way within a musical pop culture that has definitely decided to safely stick to what it knows. Of course, we all know his most famous track Loser, his sound has exploded to an expansive universe that is 13 remarkable albums later.  The new record, Colours is chock full of a dance floor familiarity and slightly overdone sarcasm with some sick low end grooves and gang hand claps. It’s like Wow!
On that note, if you dig the quickly hip hop sound, ask me about my friend Tavis Triance. I might show you a sneak peek of the newest woodsy soul that his is producing in his cabin.
The lone trumpet call of The Last Post which we hear to symbolize the remembrance of those who did what they could to resist overwhelming odds and certain evil. We hear it annually with bowed heads or shoulders flown back. It’s the meditative sound of our appreciation for what we can’t imagine in order to have what we have.
Roger Merkley has been a rock and a wonder. Nice to finally see him at the cenotaph on Saturday to honour those who have fallen. Roger is continuing to operate Scotland Funeral. Let the rumours be put to rest.
The music was sweet this past weekend at The Cove. Logan and Taylor on Friday. As slick and Nubbsy as it gets. These two have it feeling like a true lounge when they are in the house. Turn the lights low…
Chris Murphy was as Chris Murphy as it gets but took it past his normal set a bit. Lee Traynor was in celebrating his 40h with his family and friends and the country requests were pouring in. He resumed in his Chris Murphy way! Nice packed house for the man.
This week, Wings ‘n Tunes continues with a slightly less rowdy crowd sans Hunter’s Ball. Shawn McCullough will head the night again. Basically 5 years ago now? Every Wednesday 6:31-9:38pm.
Friday is “Mr. Giving” Jeff Callery from Brockville. Such an underrated performer. Request his new/original tunes! Acoustic and a voice. Fajitas Pop-Up I hear too!
Saturday is the return of The Weber Brothers. Can’t stress how amazing this roots group is. Superior songwriting in the throwback vein. Think The Band meets the Blues meets old soulful rock and roll with unparalleled musicianship. Ryan the bassist is fan-freaking-tastic alone. Wonderfully zen characters 7-10pm $15
Come on out for night to remember!
Blues on the Rideau continues next Fri.Nov.24 as well! 13th loyal year of it! This one coming features Tas Cru on lead guitar and vocal from New York! He will be backed by Ottawa’s Wicked Grin. All first timers! Let’s rock and roll!
Don’t get me started on them Paradise Papers…