Going to be quick this week…
Landon Bedor. Such an amazing little musician from north in the Ottawa Valley. What can I say? This kid has practiced his craft and given his time to it. His folks and family and network of friends have stood by him with encouragement as you can see. Thanks for coming to sing some music at Rack ‘n Tunes for us. I know you were nervous and I know you were disappointed in your performance but I was thoroughly impressed, my man. I think the reason you were nervous is because you are a hard working young artist who cares about his work. I think that’s what you should be proud about. Come on back to Wednesday night anytime!
Dave Balfour and Johnny Richard administered a patio shot of love for the ages on Saturday night on The Cove Patio. Thank you for your smiles and chuckles and different and Nya from your hearts. He Fiddle, the son of the lute. The duo, the singer. The friends, the separation. Togetherness, with music in the centre.
Found out totally last minute that some of my musical friends were playing down at Opinicon Lake music festival this past Saturday. Oh Susanna, Luther Wright & The Wrongs and Chris Brown have all played in Westport and I think, area and was good to hear them playing some more!
Shawn McCullough continues to somehow finds time to slow roast Racks and Racks of Ribs…kidding!! The Cove kitchen does that but Shawn definitely gets things cooking on stage with his set, then the invite set of Open Mic goers then a jammer set…weekly at The Cove Wednesday 7-10pm. Cookin’. #rackntunes
Soul Singing Legend of the Northern Soul scene, Ila Vann is coming back for her annual set with Spencer Evans, Mike Sakell and myself. She is wonderful. A real one. A backup to the likes of Frank Sinatra, Kenny Rogers and Ray Charles, she is royalty. Not to be missed. Just wear your hard hat as the Joe Stevens annual Ohio road trip will be smearing through. Weekly at The Cove Thursday 9-11pm. #jazznight
Kevin and Vanessa, the love birds who battle the grackles are at a War of words with each other every Sunday on the Cove patio 12:30-3:30pm. #headoverheels
Tavis Triance and The Natural Way record now available Tonic Records out of Vancouver and at It’s a real record. As my Friend aptly revealed: Thanks for the Tavis CD. It’s rare to hear such vulnerability in writing these days, (or ever). Tavis has a story and the band has a sound. This combination has always pulled me in as deep as it can. And it will with you if you let it.
Happy for my buddy and fellow Young Petty Stones musician Jason Kent who, with his incredible skill and a little soul planning will be playing with Barr Brothers band this coming Saturday at Hillside Music Festival. At The Cove on Friday, the Young Petty Stones show on Friday is going to be sweaty and tight but the party will be ripe for summer.
Saturday coming is the annual trip of the ragged Dead/bluegrass kings of Kingstown.
Strung Out To Dry are rootsy with Chris Morris, Pete Josza and Chris Petersen and are all seasoned musicians who have a the traditional string music of the American south: folk, bluegrass, mountain music, Delta blues, etc. They perform original and traditional songs, instrumentals, popular and obscure covers, and a LOT of solos.
6-9pm in the Open Air on The Cove Patio.
Our local contingent at Ottawa Bluesfest on the big festival stages: Logan Brown and Taylor Angus, Brea Lawrenson with Shawn McCullough, Wade Foster and more. Congratulations! Fly high away like Bette Midler.
MUSICwestport feature! This week: speaking of Brea Lawrenson and her band, she is coming back to the festival to get her six shooters out and maybe a bottle of whiskey (coloured water)and show us what the real country stars do! Haha! Stereotypes aside, we have some country star power from Carleton Place. Guts and Glory is the newest single and video. She just keeps winning and you keep hearing her ditties in the box! Come and join her journey as she tells the old story through young eyes. Sat.Aug.19 afternoon outdoor stage show. Bring your lawn chair or a picnic!
There are so many beautiful songs to listen to in this short life…