Good to know there is music with this wetness all round! When will be able to open up our patios with these open skies? Coming this weekend to The Cove!…The Beatles Tribute you want to see. A Day in the Life is from Montreal and is  made of some of my old Montreal musical buds, Jason Kent of Sunfields and formerly The Dears and George Donoso formerly of Krief, The Dears and Sam Roberts Band, to mention just a small few. They have been through before but make no mistake this time will be phenomenal as they have been absorbing this sound through their veins. will give you a snapshot. This Saturday 7-11pm Buffet and Show $65.

Shawn McCullough was off for Wings ‘n Tunes last week as there was work to be done at The Cove. Well he is back this week and it will be with a vengeance! Come feel the wrath of Wings ‘n Tunes on Wednesday from 6-9pm. Shawn will be back from 6-9pm on Thursday as well. Partly just cuz we luv him, partly because there are some folks coming though with some video cameras en route to Ottawa.
Head Over Heels will be back Friday. Such a comforting feeling. Everything is alright in the world when the love couple are in town and on stage. 6-9pm
Soon they will be out on the patio on Sunday afternoons come May Long Weekend.
Coming Fri.May.12 is the last show of the 2017/18 Blues on the Rideau Series…already!? “Home Boy” Terry Gillespie will be in house with his Blues Band. Actually, you might say blues reggae band as that’s the amalgamation he has been striving for over the decades since his Detroit beginnings and his Toronto days with the eclectically soulful “Heaven’s Radio”! “Mr. Groove” was one of the first to really import the Blues into Canada in the late sixties literally soaking everything up from the likes of the gods: Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker and Junior Wells. Just releasing his new record on Friday, “Live at the Granary” Terry I’ll bring the groove in and beats down. James Doran has done such a great job on he series once again! We look forward to yet another sellout year of shows which feature some of the best Blues music acts of Canada and the US. Buffet, Charity and Show 7-11pm $65 + HST.
Oh yeah, this just in! Finally finished the roster for 2017 MUSICwestport, the Annual Free Open Air Festival! And I just have to share it with you all!
Fri.Aug.18.2017 is the Kick Off Party @ The Cove. It’s from 7-11pm. $50 Buffet & Show and $20 Show Only. Band is The PepTides who are a nine-member band with a distinctive larger-than-life pop sound. The five vocalists and four instrumentalists draw on funk, electronic and disco influences. They have been described in the press as “the B52’s crossed with The Manhattan Transfer backed by Arcade Fire.” Always an eclectic night!
 Rideau’s Got Talent Contest in the morning. Sat.Jun.3 Applications Deadline

Sat.Jun.10 Rehearsal & Auditions 

Kingston Ceili Band (East Coast Folk, Kingston) Casual like down east kitchen party, and picks up like one too!

Brea Lawrenson Band (Country, Carleton Place) Star Country front lady with a band ready to battle Nashville and a track record of hits.

 Tom Savage band (Rock, Kingston) Masterful songwriter equipped with heart wrenching stories and soulful band that slinks and pushes.
 The Barrel Boys (Bluegrass, Toronto) Stellar chicken pickin’ and soul contorting harmonies with a sound out of Virginia born out of Queen Street West!
 A Fellow Ship (Indie Folk, Toronto) Think Mumford and Sons with a lighter romantic feel.
 The Grace Babies (Funk, Montreal) Hardcore funk, soul, rock and roll with feel for freedom.
 Miss Emily feat. Rob Baker & Gord Sinclair of The Tragically Hip (Rock, Kingston) What a collaboration huh? How lucky are we to have them here when The Hip played their last concert a year ago to the day!
 Kasador (Indie Rock, Kingston) Offspring of The Tragically Hip Touring and turning heads everywhere. I wonder why!
There will be some Wandering Minstrels in Downtown Westport as usual too. King of The Swingers (Upbeat Dixieland, Westport) featuring our own Marty Crapper and Dawson Willsey!
That’s it for now but keep an eye on and their Facebook page which will have more info being fed to it as we get closer to the big game day.
Bob Burtch is back performing and will be playing at the Spring Fling Concert, along with other local talent, Sat.May.6 7pm at Lyndhurst United Church. Tickets are $10 to support the Pastoral Charge. Everyone is thrilled to have Bob back in the local music scene and he is donating his tremendous talent to this event. Thanks to Barb Donaldson for the info.
Not a completely musical note here but my uncle is a drummer, Will Gorlitz will be exhibiting his latest collection of work entitled “Lay of the Land”. The works are acrylic on canvas and quite sizeable. What I’ve seen has floored me and I couldn’t be more proud to call him my family. This deep artistic connection in my life is really profound and the influence either direct or subliminal is strong and permeates so many different artistic disciplines. Opens Fri.May.5 at the Michael Gibson Gallery in London, ON and Will will be there for a reception from 8-10pm. Go see it!
There is a Dance Concert coming to Chaffey’s Lock Community Hall Sat.May.20 with the off kilter, blues jangle of Ramblin’ Valley Band. Tickets are $20 available at’s Marina in Chaffey’s Lock and $25 at door if available. Show starts at 7:30pm. Thanks to Cindy Crank of the Chaffey’s Lock & Area Heritage Society on the Events Committee. 
Really dug the way things turned out recording on the new record of my old musical buddy Tom Savage last week. Was done at Zane Whitfield’s incredibly stylish, comfortable and functional studio downtown on Pine near Spencer’s at his North of Princess Studio. He has just finished working on new works with Rueben DeGroot, Jim Bryson, Oh Susanna and many other locals. Tom is a songwriting maniac. He has written so many and has such depth to his storytelling. The band was put together for this recording specifically with a new, more  pop type of direction. Something a bit off the track of the rough folk howlers and country bangers he has been running with for the last while. The results of the performances were quite satisfying but he songs were there so they almost played themselves! The band was composed of progrock-loving keyboard whiz Tony Silvestri, the spirited Bonz “William” Bowering, myself on bass and Tom on ISO booth guitar. The record will be out sooner than you know it as it really didn’t need much editing or overdubbing. Hard copies will be available at The Cove I’m sure but iTunes will have it too.
Can’t wait til the next time!