Some hot sun creepin’ in. Feels like it’s almost that time that bikers will rumblin’ through looking for patio service. Spring is so ten years ago anyway. I think this coming season is going to be wild and crazy. The 150th is looking like it is going to full all around. The National Parks will be free entry and that includes lockage, for those whom don’t know.
Pleasure to have Paul Langlois and his group in at The Cove last weekend. Was odd but I had this feeling of connection to Paul and Rob accepting their award on behalf of The Tragically Hip for Album of the Year at the Juno Awards at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa. When you win such prestige and play a little club like ours, that’s the effect it has on you…This, after their Hip brother Gord Downie received his award for Best Song giving a recorded uber philosophical speech. Hoping the Campfire Liars Club can return this summer at some point! In other Locla Hip news, Miss Emily Fennell is confirmed to play MUSICwestport festival this summer Aug.19 with Rob Baker and Gord Sinclair in her band! Speaking of the fest, some other confirmations are Kasador (Rob Baker’s son’s band), Brea Lawrenson Band, some Funk from Montreal, The Barrel Boys, Kingston Ceili Band, A Fellow Ship, King of the Swingers and the Kick Off with The Peptides…
John Wilberforce played The Cove on Friday night after the Jr. B Hockey Awards Banquet. John lost his dad the night before and still came with his wife and friends. I was floored to be honest. I would never have expected him to come had told me. Apparently, he wanted nothing more than to be playing music. I guess the night was truly tuned to 432 hz as opposed to 440. Let’s hear some more America songs next time…
A note on the Jr. Bs too. I think it donned on me the most this night how much dedication there is to this hockey club by the coaching staff, volunteers and fans. It is most evident in how the seniors who are moving on to the next phase are so appreciated and speak so highly of their coach, Bundy Seed. He really gives his heart and soul to the team and hence the community. Another big year boys!
Chris Murphy solo! Returned to The Cove Saturday. His folks came too! Mary Mac was unreal fast and totally tongue twisted. What’s job when this man plays solo! Thanks to the regulars for supporting! Fun to sing The Northwest Passage with him again! Finally got a low down on Jon McLurg too.
Enjoy the Juno awards this weekend? Oh the stories. It’s such a Canadian affair isn’t it? Standouts were the Feist tribute to Leonard Cohen, Russell Peters and Bryan Adams bromance hosting, Sarah McLaughlin’s lifetime achievement award, Sam Roberts appearance, the out of tune singing and once again, the Hip awards…I always enjoy catching the awards and I hope they continue to celebrate those on the outside looking in. Lord knows, there are many, many, many!
Quick mention: My wife’s old friend and room mate from Western is Leanna Collins with her friend George Bigelow are trying to beat the world record for a continuous concert which they have been playing in Stouffville since St. Patrick’s Day. It’s for charity and you have to meet criteria: band changeover can’t be more than five minutes, there can’t be any vocal silence for more than 30 seconds and there has to be at least 10 people in the audience who are awake! Music Marathon!
Coming back Wednesday because he just can’t get enough, can’t stay away and always wants to play is Shawn McCullough for his long tenured Wings ‘n Tunes Open Mic Night! It’s just over a month away for the big guitar giveaway courtesy of Long & McQuade music in Kingston and their main man Nathan! Speaking of long and McQuade, it was a fun trip to see Patrick Kelly this weekend…go PeeeKaaayyyy!

Coming this Friday, a man named Chris Douglas from Brockville area will be substituting for Jeff Callery. He is also known as The Valley Shantyman…I’ll let your mind wander. He plays all kinds of new and old rock and country style tunes. Troubadour style…Fajitas are back and wanting to get in your belly on Friday as well! 6-9pm

Saturday at The Cove is Henry Norwood and friends. Always a family reunion and a classic country music extravaganza with Henry, Mr. Vintage Voice.

Don’t forget to support the annual Lions Club Mobility Van Fundraiser and French Toast Brunch at The Cove this Sunday from 9am-12:30pn. Thank you so much for all the help of the volunteers. You know who you are! And of course, thanks to Garter and Delbert’s Sugar Shack for providing delish sausage patties and liquid gold maple syrup! Following the branch at the Legion in Westport will be another in their matinee series with North American bluegrass songs of Bill White & White Pine.

When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive.