There ya really no other way to start reflection on my musical week other than with my experience watching Adele at the ACC in Toronto Monday. I rarely go out and throw down on a big ticket pop show down like this but I have been following her since I first heard her on Ghomeshi’s show Q on CBC and have since been I tried by the muscle and soul in her vocal. She can write a hell of a tune and make you laugh when discussing it’s depressing and near-suicidal meaning. The stage was set. A lot of anticipation. Huge world tour about to wrap up. Slick throwback lines of the towering stage frame had a Brat Pack retro soul feel. And the sound felt good. I loved the right before your face volume that didn’t tire your ears. Her story is one of hard work, self belief and humiliation. Her songs mainly reflect sadness in love which frankly to me seems the greatest connection in her success into the hearts such a diverse many. You look around the room. Smiles. Tears. Young. Old. Male. Female. Her personality could be best friends with almost anyone there. I’m glad I had chance to feel her power in the same room. She sings like she is free though she is inspired loves prison. Good ol Christmas gift with the in-laws too.
Henry and Shawn kept it real with a healthy flock of family and friends on Sunday’s matinee at The Cove. Many guests too! Patsy Cline, Jimmy Norris and more. Sunday in the Country!
Lots of folk were talking about the Small Halls show by New Brunswick duo Tomato Tomato with Mo Price’s brother-in-law Sean Price on guitar and his daughter Alex. So much promising unknown and local talent.
Quilters were impressive last weekend. The sheer amount of hours, labour and concentration reminds me of my schools days in music…
Did you hear about Hedley? Hey, it may not be my favourite band but that was pretty cool that they played a concert at St. John’s Catholic High School on the weekend to recognize the students for raising the most funds in Ontario for Relay for Life and Cancer Research…one of those healthy competitions that ended up paying huge dividends for the local kids. Way to give back.
Kevin Head played a show of original songs (including 4 new ones) on Saturday with Stittsville songwriting star Jim Bryson. That was also part of Small Halls in Gananoque at The Fire Hall Theatre. Promoter Kelly Symes worked hard to make things happen. Congratulations on another year! Perhaps I’ll actually make it to some more shows next year.
Rack ‘n Tunes with the big man Shawn McCullough at The Cove ends for the season on Wednesday. Come out an see if your ballot will get pulled and win you a guitar courtesy Nathan Crocket from Renaissance Music of Kingston! 7-10pm
The winter version, Wings ‘n Tunes continues every darn Wednesday from 6-9pm! Whoa!
Last Jazz Night of the season ends on Thursday at The Cove. 19 seasons later with my buddy Spencer Evans! We have played many shows and he will always keep me on my toes. I have never and will probably never play with a musician like you. Our wonderful Robbie Radford not be in the house on Thursday but a surprise drummer will be! 8-10pm Thanks for the support for so many years of strictly entertainment!
Friday at The Cove, a return trip from a highly gifted and skilled player Rob Lutes will delight the ear holes. This man can create one quiet firestorm of an atmosphere on stage. His intensity through breathy vocals and detailed but raw fingerpicking is top notch. If you love solo acoustic blues, this is your gig. Think Eric Clapton meets John Hiatt meets Chris Whitley. 7-10pm $10
And Saturday. Well. Thanksgiving Saturday will be a warm homecoming with Turpin’s Trail. The spritely east coast vibe of this band is unmistakeable and vivacious. Looking so forward to having them back in the house at The Cove! 6-10pm $10
Rest in peace dear Sheila Rowland, mother of Jan Ditchfield. Undoubtedly, remembered as a strong character with a big heart.
Sad to hear yet again of a musical act being ripped off. Former resident of the area, Corey “C.R.” Avery has an incomparable act based out of Vancouver. No one deserves his kind of treatment. Hey, you selfish, cheap thieves, give it back and go home!
How bout them Jays! I mean, what an end to that game. Congratulations Canadian ball fans!
Happy birthday to my cute little neice and nephew! “Everybody here loves you kids!” Remember that one?
Happiest of thanksgivings to you and hey our family. Music to my ears.
Seamus Cowan