This week made me feel really good about the music we are bringing into The Cove. I was contacted by Larry Graves from Drumhand, who have played here at The Cove and MUSICwestport a few times now, about another project he was involved in. Larry is a studied, zen type of character who has a very cerebral, yet sensitive touch and deep understanding of the rhythms he creates. His sound is heavily influenced by that of Ghana in West Africa. He has made a few pilgrimages there now and brought some of the teachings back that he has put into practice reaching great musical heights. Urban Highlanders from Toronto are the group who have benefited from this. Grier Coppins, a well known Toronto poet/musician/personality was offered a weekly open stage at Cameron House in Toronto which turned into a musical escapade of freedom and expression. It attracted others to be inspired and collaborate and they are now the other experimentalists in his band. Their sense of building sound is like a sun slowly rising and falling on the horizon. It was refreshing, just like if you stretched your arms to the sky in the morning, when about the ups and downs of your daily life then comfortably slipped under the covers and laid your head to sleep. A mélange of Celtic, folk, Mediterranean, jazz and experimental carry this band into familiar territory to them but new sounds to the listener. Their evening started by the five droning and jamming until a melody got them walking from the water, over the patio and through the hotel, for all to hear. And the streams of thought mixed with philosophical prose keeps you listening with a bent ear. Needless to say, Grier, Ayron, Larry, Jim and Chris created an aura in this hall that comforted many. Smiles from ear to ear. 


Thanks to DJ Tunz Sound for a nostalgic, right on the money set of tunes from the ol pop catalogue. I suppose the Yes song “I’ve Seen All Good People” at the end of the night was chosen by Rick the groom but what a way to end a wedding! Psychedelic Music! Congratulations Rick and Catharine!


The Westport Writers Group including Nicole Pchajek, Lucinda (Cindy) Dopson (Bill and Marlene Thake’s daughter), Audrey Ogilvie (Willie Nelson and Bernie Sanders friend), Antony Powell (master carver/sculptor), Susan Elizabeth Radford (Jazz Night drummer Rob Radford’s mother), Carol Lee Riley (my neighbor) and Isidora Spielmann (fashion designer and puppeteer) celebrated the launch of their newest collective writing entitled One Chocolate at a Time at The Cove on Sunday afternoon to a full house! The big surprise for me was to see who secrectly (at least to me) writes in town! Everything was eloquent, fresh, deep and well crafted as each writer read an excerpt. Keep it coming…maybe you can write some lyrics for some local musicians to put to song (Cindy)?


Every Wednesday Rack ‘n Tunes will continue with a night of high-fives, reasonably priced sticky icky ribs, Perth Brewery Beer and Sing song with none other than Shawn McCullough fresh off his stint at the CCMA Awards in London with Brea Lawrenson Band! 7-10pm at The Cove


Thursdays are on tap with Spencer Evans Trio “The Goat Boy Sessions”. Name a song, request a song, hear a song! That’s how it works with this musical robot! Rob Radford sits at the drum kit for the rest of the season too. Thanks to our entertaining and Paul Simon loving/singing drummer Andy Love for filling in for him over the last couple of weeks! NEW TIME 8-10pm at The Cove


John Wilberforce from Kempville Ontario will play the patio at The Cove from 5:30-8:30pm. This man gives a calm to and roll set. His sound is seamless. John is a bass player, guitarist, singer, producer, recording engineer, videographer and devoted dad.


Enjoy some more Head Over Heels duo action at The Cove Patio. Only so many more outdoors but they will be there this coming Saturday night and the next two Sundays for matinees from 12:30-3:30pm. A loveable set list and a loveable pair.


Sunday in the Country is back at the local Westport Legion with Jeff Code and Silver Wings Sun.Sept.18 2-6pm $10 with a Light Lunch. Shuffle it up to some traditional country music! Thanks Faye.


Congratulations to Jim and Judy Pattinson and their 50th anniversary! A full house of family, friends and colleagues filled The Cove on Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Ron Pollard for giving his words on behalf of the community as well! Their kids Glen, Karen and Mary Ellen have all worked here and to be honest, none have them have changed!

Heard the Jeff McCann retirement party at the Beach was just rammed! Congrats to big Jeff for all the years of incredible service to the community! He is a cat, now he can take it a bit more easy. Thanks for taking care of so many…



Festival of Small Halls will take place in a few local halls this week. It’s a cool series run by the people of Ottawa Bluesfest. This is the second year and after a first year of successful turnouts, it’s good to see so many people interested in this rootsy music. Each show is comprised of a relatively established act weather local or from somewhere else in Canada and a local opener. Coming this week is April Verch band at Chaffey’s Lock Community Hall on Wednesday and Thursday with our local buddies StringTease opening. 7:30pm  Darlingside with The Abrams and Miss Emily at Seeley’s Bay Community Hall. 7:30pm Breabach and The Lanark Fiddlers Guild at Maberly Community Hall and April Verch again at Morton Comminity Hall both on Sunday. 3pm All well organized, thanks to Kelly Symes and her team!


This has fallen off a bit but I’m reinstating the Shout out of the Week and it goes to Charles Bradley. Charles has an undeniably heartfelt and appealing life story. He lived a life of strife in the shadows and although it seem like every turn I was taking them down a dark alley, he seem to find a way to persevere and make it through to the next step every time. He’s one of those characters who is literally seen it all and unless he knows you, I would rather not tell you the details. When he was 60 years old after touring as a James Brown impersonator, he was scouted by the people of Daptone Records (Sharon Jones), a retro soul label out of Brooklyn. They signed him in three full albums later he is an international star albeit not well known in pop culture. In each note and each word that he sings, he tells the story of tragedy which he turns to poetry. His ability to express his emotions is something everyone can aspire to. Inspired. Listen in.


Listen hard, you’ll hear something.

Seamus Cowan