As I sit and watch the second night of the Democratic National Convention, I’m dumbfounded by so many things. Since I’ve been writing this column, I’ve said I wouldn’t bother eating politicial. Especially the fact that I’m not American and this is supposed to be essentially a musical column. But times change. People change. I was talking with my cousin the other day about how this is such a monumental election for the world and us as Canadians, or at least it seems. No? I think so. We have a situation of division in our midst. It’s rough. Will there be much of a difference who actual gets in to get their hands on the ship’s controls? Hmmmm, I think so. I think we have to look at the rhetoric, the narrative, the spirit of the argument for leadership. Clearly, a strong commitment to a positive message needs to be sent to the people to move forward. It’s really the only way.
This weekend was full and hot in town and area. Hitting the lake is very important this time of year!
Sending the special shout out to a lovely soul, Norman Hagan. He lived in our area for many, many years and became a fixture over community. Quite incredible life actually! Norman really became The music lover and never missed a Turpin’s Trail show if he could help it. I shed a tear when you passed, Normy. Rest well up there.
Last Friday, we heard George Reynolds on the patio at The Cove. Enjoyable interpretations of rock ‘n’ roll and folk standards abound, his originals folky tunes were really engaging. I actually got a feeling of the sound of some of David Wilcox’s more subdued work. Got visit him at Chane Audio at the corner of Rideau and Church St. As has all kinds of musical gear there!
Rack ‘n Tunes with Shawn McCullough will resume this week as with every Wednesday but this week with Mr. Rock Solid, Jeff Callery. Shawn is filling in for Junior Brown on his own gig…it will be interesting to see if Jeff decides to whip out some of his new tunes he has been writing for Nashville.
Weekly 7-10pm
Thursday night also returns to form with jazz night and the Spencer Evans trio. This coming week, The band will play originals, jazz, blues, rock and roll, soul, funk, R&B, pop, reggae, prog rock, standards, Broadway, balance, 80s, hip-hop, good music, bad music, OK music and do you get to be a judge in the end!
Weekly 9-10pm
Guitarist Art Lajambe from the Pererborough will be smoking some blues and rock and country turns for your ear drums. Sit and view and boo da head! 6-9pm on Friday at The Cove
Every Sunday afternoon Head Over Heels give themselves up for their wonderful musical cause on The Cove exterior patio. 12:30-3:30pm on Sunday and this coming Saturday night from 6-9pm as well!
Ahh, I’m too tired, come on out and enjoy life on the beat in Westport. That’s all you need to know. But wait, my boy turns two years old on Monday….how!? I love you forever Sam!