NOTES FROM THE PORT Vol.62 for The Review-Mirror Feb.17.2016


What a weekend of music, love and family in Westport! Friday at The Cove with Johnny Wilberforce kept those ready for an early Valentine’s quite satisfied. Saturday was busy at The Cove with Head Over Heels and a lovely table d’hôte menu. Kudos to them for heading to Gananoque for another Syrian Refugee Rally. The support continues…Sunday in the Country was loud and clear at The Legion with Jeff Code and Silver Wings. I understand the shuffle was tight there. The bone snapping cold of Sunday brought another healthy Country loving horde to The Cove where Mr. Henry Norwood and picker Shawn McCullough laid out some mayhem. Thanks to Shawn Palmer, Sean McCann and Tico Traynor the help on leads. Take it Eaaaaasyyyy.

NBA All Star Game had a resurgence of the slick but unshorn Sting. Just like old time for Mr. Gordon Summner. Must be hard to sing so many hits in a 10 minute medley…har har. Unfortunate anthem for Nelly but good for Ne-Yo.

This Wednesday, if the snow ever gets plowed away, will be another installment of Wings ‘n Tunes with Shawn McCullough at The Cove. Enjoy? Skidoos might be on the rise now but please people, stay safe and aware. 6-9pm

Friday is the return of one of Canada’s greatest Blues guitarists and songwriters Jack DeKeyzer! He is without a doubt, one of the most popular and for good reason. His nimble licks and arrangements have won him fans from all over the world! He has 8 records to his name and has played on hundreds of recordings with greats such as Etta James, Bo Diddley and Blue Rodeo. He’s a 5 time Juno Nominee and 2 time winner, 7 time Maple Blues winner and won the International Songwriting Competition and CBC’s Great Canadian Blues Award. The show is sold out but it’s still nice to send word of this great in the house again. A Choose the Blues Production of the Blues on the Rideau series! 7-11pm $65

The one and only Chris Murphy of the acclaimed Turpin’s Trail will be solo on Saturday. His shows are always an unreal experience, Chris can not only sing a tune but the ones he favours are jumbled ditties full of wordy visuals in the East Coast and Celtic Tradition. A multi-instrumentalist whose musical prowess has taken him to stage with Sarah Harmer, Ron Hynes and Fred Eaglesmith. 6-9pm at The Cove

Next weekend at The Cove on Friday is Matty “Graven” McKechnie and Ali McCormick, two alt-folk forces from Ottawa and Perth. Saturday is Head Over Heels.

Shout out to the Grammy’s! Sightings of, presentations and performances by Ice Cube, godfather of P-Funk George Clinton, Neo Soul producer Mark Ronson and the rest of the new beauties. Lionel Ritchie’s Lifetime Achievement Award featured a medley of the likes of The Commodores’ Brick House and the Kelly Cowan favourite All Night Long. As well, Lady Gaga and Let’s Dance producer Nike Rodgers sent a mélange of his best to the heavens for David Bowie. Stevie Wonder’s tribute to Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire with a cappella group Pentatonix had him sounding just like he was In the Key of Life. The super cool tone of vocal beast Chris Stapleton, the searing Gary Clark Jr. and the smoky Bonnie Raitt paid a channeling nod to one of the gods of Blues music, B.B. King and his goddess Lucille. A technical blunder left Adele swirling in an embarrassing ballad with her pianist. Microphone fell on the piano strings! Ahhhh! The California sound of The Eagles sang a musical eulogy to their fearless leader and heartfelt vocalist Glen Frey. Old friend Jackson Browne stood in for him with the whole fraternity offering the first song on their first record, Take it Easy. The last note was strummed and look of disbelief struck their faces. A lost look. Definitely hard to imagine having to do that on that stage in tribute to a musical band mate and brother. Vocally the duet of Tori Kelly and James Bay was something else. Nice guitar tone too. How about the hip hop Broadway musical premier called Hamilton? The story of New York and of America done to rhyme. And Kendrick Lamar. Wut the? I mean, performance art meets hip hop psychedelic funk meets Black History month. That was the work of a virtually uncompromising artist, no matter how you slice it. I’m thankful I had a chance to see that. I have kept putting off checking him out. The Hollywood Vampires with Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp could have been something heard from the smoking room in The Bovine Sex Club. Nice Dave Grohl tribute to Motörhead’s Lemmy by the band featuring G ‘n R royalty. Thanks to the Academy for showcasing solo mini pianist Joey Alexander. 13 and he sounded like Herbie Hancock. I always love that educational spot during the Grammys. ‪#‎supportmusic‬.

It’s honestly great to hear some progressive music percolating to the top. Lord knows awards shows represent the mainstream and the popular vote but at the end of the day, we all know weird doesn’t always make it to masses of ears due to the overwhelming power of what is sold and what sells. More Lifetime recognition went to the likes of Jefferson Airplane, Run DMC, Linda Ronstadt and Herbie Hancock. Incredible how Unforgettable are so many of the year’s deceased greats.

Did you know Santana is playing KRock Centre April 21? Oyo como va!

Dear Earl Mulville passed away Tuesday. Some family were by his side and spent the night with him. He will be missed.

Until next week…

Seamus Cowan