The Underground Railroad funk of Blackburn was back in he house on Friday for Blues on the Rideau. The sons of Big Smoke blues hero Bobby Dean Blackburn did their dad proud as they pumped through some nasty, beefy, low down blues music…they only way they know how. Thanks to Dick Christy’s colourful, steel trap memory, he remembers that Bobby Dean played a tune called Back to the Zanzibar at the Toronto Gentleman’s club called the Zanzibar. So much fun to hear the stories from Dick as he was really there! Felt good getting up on stage with the band to play a few tunes on 5 string bass too. Thanks to Roger Williams, great man! Solid hang after the show too. The horn section of Neil Brathwaite and Ted Peters really took it over the top too! Blues on the Rideau rules!
One last thing, wife of our BOTR promoter Diane Leduc-Doran made it to the show! She is still in need of a liver. If anyone knows of anyone who has type O blood, please get in touch with me!

Glorious Sons’ Brett diffuses fight! That’s right. The lead man of the torch bearing rock stars from Kingston noticed a fight brewing in front of the stage in the mosh pit. Most would stand kingly from above and denounce the violence. Brett jumped down in and started singing between them! And the stopped because they joined him in song! Must have been the White Noise. Thanks for the info Geoff Chown.

Duck’s Demolition by Terry Cowan
Used to be called Greenslade’s with Donnie and Marlene Greenslade as owners, and was originally a cheese factory before that. After that, the Sceviour family had a good, long run as Pier 42. Then Terry Bryan, Glen Doyle and Sammy McGregor bought the property, renovated it, called it Three’s Company and it was a popular bar and dining room for many years. The Cowan family changed the kitchen to the back wall and it became one room called Duck’s Roadhouse and bands like Ambush, Bullmoose, Printer’s Alley, See Spot Run, stingiest Kiss Cover Band EVER, Rick Smith and Free Beer, Mystic Caravan, The Cronies frequented the place! Other notables were Bundy’s hockey parties and mud wrestling matches, local pool league, after Jazz Night parties with Smitty and others on Thursdays and the annual Hunter’s Ball. Many a mixed crowd After about 8 years, George Thomas, a bar owner from Pittsburgh, bought it and ran it with his wife until he passed away. Terry Cowan was heard to say, ” It was very emotional to see our once thriving place that we owned reduced to rubble, as I’m sure Terry Bryan felt as well, but , “All things must pass”, as another George {Harrison} once sang/said. Dux Rox!!!

Light up Lockwood was out of control this year! Mildly creepy but warming to see all of the lit jack-o’-lanterns lining the ballpark. Congrats to all of the generous volunteers, local sponsors, carvers, Jake by the Lake and the annual Random Act of Pumpkins crew! Thank you for your constant community efforts Cynthia and John Pringle!

Coming up at The Cove:

Wings ‘n Tunes is back to make you grin from ear to ear with local guitar rock and country hero Shawn McCullough. 6:30-9:30pm every Wednesday…

Clap to the Celtic folk rock sounds of Perth’s Tom Watson on Friday from 6-9pm! This kid is a skill and stamina!

Saturday night is the homecoming wedding party of how old buddy Taylor Lynn! He and his wife Nicole will be havin’ a time with local friends and family.

The infamous Weber Brothers are back Saturday, November 18 for a rock ‘n’ roll roots show! You just say these guys are from

Baby Alice Khan born! Richie and Ashley do it again! What a little beauty sis for Flo!

Heartbreaking news about the Renfrew Jr. B hockey players who were in a fatal car accident the other night. The local hockey fraternity paid their respect. Sad when it seems so senseless. We must all be careful on the roads.

A note of respect to our beautiful friends in Toronto, the family of Craig Allen. He was the father of one of my wife Megan’s best friends. He died too soon and suddenly. . He left his family way too early. He had a massive smile and bubbly personality. He was one of the good guys that you want around. He will be missed massively. I’m so glad my lasting memory with him is with his family visit this summer.

Halloween was amazing tonight in Westport! What a scene on Spring Street near the arena! So many festive trick or treaters and off the wall spooky-ness and creativity from Chantal and Joel Kimmel at Papillon Press! Super fun night all around…Things have totally changed from 25 years ago since I was running around with the pack of wild dogs that were the Halloween Hooligans…Nice to get Freddie and Sam out on the streets to see the party!

Stay in love.