With the amount of random unsolicited email requests for bookings that I get these days, I feel like you never know what you’re going to come across somedays. Then you check out an Australian blues behemoth like Lloyd Spiegel and you realize, hey, it’s not always who you know. Sometimes it’s great to embrace the randomness of the music business. Thanks to Sarah Porter for introducing us to Lloyd and his unprecedented abilities he brought to The Cove on Friday night. His uncanny style, even though ridiculously “notey”, is rooted deep in the Blues and the traditions of soul music like the best I’ve heard. Especially in the hallowed walls of our establishment. It was something to behold. Truly. Got to play a couple tunes backing him on bass. Bo Didley and the rest of it! He is co-owner of the Australian Cole Clark acoustic guitar company with endorsers like Jack Johnson and Ben Harper! Lloyd is way more a big thing than he let’s on. He lived and learned from Brownie McGee for god sake! He will come back and we will welcome him.

Logan Brown and Taylor Angus returned again to impress those al fresco ears on the Cove patio. Essential live but these folk are all over the net now. Albeit live! I’m really proud of these two. They are so young and their cunning sense of music biz entrepreneurship is growing. Look for them on social media…

Shout out to New Life Thrift store in Westport just two doors south of the Post Office on Main. Paul Millar and his many helpers and friends have donated items and time to provide an alternate shopping experience in Westport. Fun to hear about them giving back to the community and the Free Methodist church!

John Abercrombie has died. One of the world’s great jazz guitarists has passed on in body but his wealth of recordings displays his literally blistering saxophone-like lines and progressive songwriting. He played here at The Cove in September 2010 with my fellow music mates Chet and Jimmy Doxas. It was surreal. He was a force. Timeless.

I hear the Carlson Stage is to be the third stage of MUSICwestport next year. Little bit of a commute but nothing that a shuttle couldn’t handle.

Lyndhurst Turkey Fair Bluegrass extravaganza 2017! Have you checked out the lineup? I mean seriously. This is a boat load of Bluegrass and more…people. Coming Sept.16!

Whoa! Shawn McCullough and Rack ‘n Tunes is back this Wednesday for another summer smash. Shawn is living healthy these days but don’t let that stop you from having the Ribs!

Last full band Jazz Night of the summer happens this Thursday. Come out and celebrate! 9-11pm. Spencer solo every Thursday in September 8-10pm. Twin Brother Jeff will probably play the last Jazz Night of the season Oct.5…!

Tom Savage and I will play our brand of acoustic music this Friday on the patio of The Cove. Tom has really raised his profile with his latest record which may be available this weekend. His songwriting is strong and words even stronger. This is a deep character who constantly inspires. 5:30-8:30pm

King of the Swingers of Westport play their first ever show at The Cove on the Patio! Their mix of Old Time and Dixieland with a classic Hot Fives inspired quartet gives a good Red Bull dose of energy to any scene. 5:30-8:30pm

Change of Heart is on a 25th anniversary of “Smile” reissue tour across the country as we head into back to school and fall festival season. The band is one of those early true “alternative indie rock” god groups featuring Sir Ian Blurton (of C’Mon who played mine and my brother’s surprise 30th birthday at Duck’s!!! and Bionic, Blurtonia, Cowboy Junkies and more), John Borra, Glenn Milchem (Current Drummer of Blue Rodeo) and more.

Ugh! Uh! Ungh! Queens of the Stone Age have released another bomb. I love this band. So nuanced and tight like a tiger. Villains has made it to virtual shelves and is produced by Mark Ronson of Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” fame and Adele. Even snuck some Dap Kings horns in there. Ungh! This record moves like and chuck wagon.

Speaking of Bruno, said that! Yes! Bruno Mars was a bouncing ball of soul and funk on Sunday at the ACC in Toronto. So glad I had a chance to see him. Like 21st century pop Michael Jackson/James Brown.
Celebrated our anniversary. Woodstock/Zeppelin kind of nostalgia trip tonight with my babe. I love her so much! Coming up 5 years honey…two boys later.

Houston. Praying for my cousins who live there and have been displaced like the rest of them. It’s a reality of our time. If you can, please do what you can to support and/or donate to any cause that might help the folks of south Texas.

Seamus Cowan, The Human Being