It’s Shark Week! It’s that annual time to drown and get the heart racing over images of lurking Aquatic beasts…and keep me increasingly afraid of the deep dark ocean. The lure of sharks is directly related to the terror of them. They have such sly existence.  Thank you Discovery Channel.

Wanted to give a shout out to our friend and music aficionado Dick Christy. Dick has always kept up with music, being a coffee house junkie and amateur radio guy. He has a mind for the Blues too. His loyalty to the music and the scene (particularly Blues on the Rideau) has grown his wisdom considerably and gained respect among his peers in the local community. It’s pretty swell to have him and his wife Marg in the area. They support live music and dance to it too.

MonkeyJunk is like a Blues bomb. Now more than ever. So much bone brother!!! What another great scene created by them here at The Cove on Friday. They have that baritone grunt from Steve Marriner’s guitar work that really gives them a Black Keys/Big Sugar (outboard motor) sound. So much fun to get up and plug in with the band once again with I’m a Ram (an old Bullmoose fav) and some boogie. Keep up the attitude boys. Keep up the low funk too. Catch them around if you can…

Jazz Night was a classic all out affair with our friends from all over migrating back to the roost. Those hot and sweaty nights with hose mixed crowds can keep on coming! The singing Andy Love will be hittin’ the skins for the evening once again. Every Thursday from 9-11pm. Resos just ain’t a bad idea…

Rack ‘n Tunes continues to bring in hope and opportunity to budding musicians and singers! Chris Douglas was a lil Bad Bad Leroy Brown troubadour last week and gave a Whitewater performance too! Looking forward to the next Voice of the Rideau? Come down on a Wednesday night, any night of the year. 7-10pm Rack ‘n Roll with Shawn McCullough. Congrats to Shawn btw, heard the Kemptville opening set with Brea Lawrenson for Dwight Yoakam was pro!

Blast from the Past BBQ/Canada 150 party at Narrows Lock Sat.Jul.29 11am-2pm. CHEO Fundraiser, Tim Hallman will be the town crier…hot dogs, hamburgs, cheddar smokies. Thanks Linda Carr for the info!

Friday at The Cove on the patio, barring another deluge like Monday, is the lovely, talented, awe-inspiring, funky and tight acoustic soul duo Taylor Angus and Logan Brown. For lovers of everything soul, Jazz, blues…Adele, Winehouse, MJ, etc. 6-9pm

Saturday at The Cove will be a new welcome addition. They are a soulful rock and roll duo with sweet & gritty vocals mixed with guitars, drums, bass, the odd fiddle solo and banjo. Honey & Rust will take you on a story-laced, dynamic ride. Highly influenced by old-time country greats, rockin’ ladies like Janis Joplin and the smooth, soulful sounds of Tracy Chapman, they draw upon music that moves the soul and engages the heart. These two Ottawa-based women are sure to get your tapping your toes and singing along. 6-9pm

Sunday will be beautiful and outdoorsy and sunny and warm, with the musical matinees love duo Head Over Heels 12:30-3:30pm every Sunday until the end of September.

Coming up the first week of August at The Cove, Thursday with soul diva Savanna Shea and Spencer Evans Trio, Friday with folk rocker John Wilberforce  and Saturday with east coast/folkie Chris Murphy!

Signed, Your friendly neighbourhood music lover