As I walked in from work tonight, I realized once again how much I love my little family and how I live to be a dad. Turns out my eldest son is starting to figure out another element of his personal waterworks. And the other, well he just gazes at us as though he is some divinely inspired, wide smiling messenger of the future with emerald-eyed wisdom. Both were subject of a selfie video that Megan and the boys did to the song “Make you feel my love” by Dylan, Adele. Sam had never really heard it before but he did about as genuine and solid a performance of the song as I’ve ever heard (slightly biased). Long story short, the future is bright.

150 years. Despite the clich├ęs, it’s really true that Canada is one of the greatest places to live on earth. We are so lucky to live in a place where so many in the world want to be. It’s sense of leadership through democracy and freedom, the value it places on our environment and green spaces and how deeply it cares for the well being of its people. I’m proud to be here and whenever I go away, I’m always grateful there is this haven to return to.

Wednesday Rack ‘n Tunes will be in full patriotic form with the songs both cover and especially original by the one, the only, Shawn McCullough Esquire! The man can play! 7-10pm or later…sing a song and you could win a guitar!

Thursday will be a red and white evening of Can Con with your friendly Neighbourhood Jazz Night band of Spencer, Seamus and Rob! Come and celebrate music and improvisation with us! Requests always welcome! 9-11pm yadda, yadda, yadda!

On Friday, Turpin’s Trail are back to head the Pre-Party Canada Day in Westport! The East Coast flair and Celtic roots shine though as a clear Westport favourite on Friday! Happy to have them back at The Cove as a major tradition of the entertainment calendar!
Taylor Angus is at The Opinicon Pub from 7:30pm.

Canada Day will be above and beyond in size and scope everywhere this year and Westport’s annual Celebrations and Fireworks are no exception! Music all day with an Elvis impersonator, Dj and full on rock ‘n’ roll band! This year the celebration will take place at Rideau Vista public school with the bicycle parade and many other similar events of the past years at the beach. Of course, the final main event will blast off one thousand million dollars in fireworks…happy birthday! All day from 1-10pm
Head Over Heels will keep you thinking about and singing the songs you love that hold you close to your Canadian roots on the weekend as well. Saturday night 6-9pm on the patio!
JW JUNO Jones plays 3pm on The Chaffey’s Lock waterside! Must be nice!

Special Head Over Heels Canada Day Hangover Party on The Cove Patio happens on Sunday as their house gig keeps them on home soil after the night show. 12:30-3:30pm.

Greg Ball joins Rocket Ball super hero forces with Rueben DeGroot on The Cove Patio from 12:30-3:30pm Mon.Jul.3, who is leaving the Kingston area sooner than later…friends and family welcome! We love you Roob!

Miles Mosley, revolutionary upright bassist and composer. Seriously? Check him out!

Kalil Bailey was super doop on Friday for his inaugural Westport gig. Keep it real my man!!!

Delorme brother singing Tennessee Whiskey was a beaut and the Marise/DJ playlist at wedding on Saturday was endlessly awesome. It’s still awesome…

Tavis E. Triance and the Natural Way (some members including myself of Spoon River) album release is officially set for Sept now that my good friend who was to have the record released on Tonic Records and tour for a couple of weeks through western Canada has had to cancel due to blowing his voice out. I wish him a speedy recovery and look so forward to the release later. Love!

Be true to the game…hope I didn’t forget to mention anything super special this weekend!!!