I think this one might be called the Family column. Family, my family’s business and friends of ours who are families have been growing. It’s a vibrant time. Summer is warming up to us Ottawa Valley folk again. So nice of it to come around.
The Sin and Swoon family came through on Friday to melt our hearts with song. Forgot how much I love Mike O’Brien’s smile and spirit. I looked so forward to the return and was truly surprised and happy at the wondrous sound of his duo with his wife Michelle Tompkins! They are definitely on the right track. Their own school bluegrass country sound hit the mark with extreme accuracy. What a treat to have them with his mother and their boy Sonny too! Look to see them back sooner than later!
Took a little run up to Lake Huron with my family. Old friends of my wife. Who knew Ontario’s West Coast could feel like little Northern California! Relaxed, lounged, swam and got some juicy jumbos! Thanks Chris, Kate, Jane, Hudson and Emmy!
Congratulations to my old Montreal brother Andre in the glorious birth of their tough little lion Léo(nard)! Viens ici quand vous êtes prêt! A great bass player and ridiculously talented videographer, Andre played in Krief/Black Diamond Bay for years.
So surprised yet happy to hear about the big day for another Montreal brother, Patrick Krief! Marriage suits you! Patrick is the ultra talented and review your guitar player in the great Montréal band The Dears as well as his own group Krief who played MUSICwestport last year…new solo record coming soon!
Congrats to CFRC for reaching out to local emerging original talent and providing an open gate way to submit music for local radio airplay on 101.9 FM in Kingston, Queens University radio. Radio host Jens Trode has a show called The Permanent Waves radio show which it airs every Sunday morning from 11am-1pm. All genres welcome. Just send your MP3 format file to No profanity.
Speaking of profanity, the new Tupac Shakur bio pic looks pretty real deal! It’s almost as if the casting crew found Tupac’s doppelgänger to play him in his own movie! Regardless, it’s nice to see effort being put into an accurate depiction of the roots of his life and this whole story. I was always amazed at the power of his voice. All Eyez On Me out Friday.
Rack ‘n Tunes roars down the road set to auto pilot this Wednesday at 7pm! Shawn McCulloughhhhhhhhh……
The truly great East Coast blues fisherman, Morgan Davis returns for is someone anymore trip to The Cove this Friday night! Honestly, this shows not to be missed! He has so much talent through his humourous lyrical blasts and stories. His relaxed, quirky acoustic blues finger-style play though and a whole host of interesting axes is also mesmerizing. He’s a legend to make sure that you so often. If you love greats like Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee and straight up acoustic blues, don’t miss him. 7-10pm $10
This Thursday it is a huge day for Friends of the Arena! Some NHL players will be in the house to meet and greet, autograph and be overall wonderful supporters to a great cause in helping to raise more funds for the rink. Thanks to Bob Scott, Mark Herlehy, Rick Smith, Marty Hawkins, Scott Blair and Mike Lynn and many others for helping to work on this great initiative! Music by Spencer Evans Trio featuring the force of nature Emily Fennell on soulful vocals! 6-11pm Buffet, Show and charitable donation $60.
Saturday night at The Cove on the patio is the return of that pair who continue to impress all those local soul music lovers. Taylor Angus and Logan Brown have their first ever night actually on the patio! I have a feeling this will be one of their new favourite homes…6-9pm
Also on Saturday is Hoedown in the Park this Father’s Day weekend! WAC presents the Father’s of Confederation Sizzlin’ Summer BBQ! With live music from Teagan McLaren Band (country/folk) and kids games, there is outdoor fun for the whole family. Bring your own picnic or snack on bbq favourites and drinks from our vendors. They’re not only celebrating fathers, we’re also celebrating our amazing volunteers and supportive sponsors who generously give to WAC throughout the year. 4-8pm 
Sunday is Father’s Day and so if you’re looking for those take it easy comfortable sounds to celebrate, check out Head Over Heels on the patio at the Cove 12:30-3:30pm.
MUSICwestport teaser for the week is for Tom Savage. I have a learned a lot about classic music from Tom in many ways. From my first few licks playing Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin in his basement to just recently recording his recent tracks in Kingston, his approach is always been true and raw. Through the headphones, the man is an overtly emotional case with his heart on his sleeve, exploring the human struggle of relationships, love and the family dynamic. His newest offering is admittedly a tad more open to pop sensibilities but there is a comfortable amount of diversity in style and feel that threads the story through the record. Just in the midst of finishing up some more edits, the record will be officially released within the month. I look forward to hearing the stage with him, Tony and Bonz.
After an incredibly well received show, the  omnipotent Young Petty Stones will be returning to The Cove stage on Fri.Jul.14! Had to mention it! The band not only wanted to get back on the busy Cove stage during  the summer months but it mainly just wanted to get back on the busy Cove stage during  the summer months and get back on the busy Cove stage during  the summer months. Eric, Jason, Rob and Seamus! Music of new young, Tom Petty, the Rolling Stones, Eagles and America….
Exciting news about the Festival of Small Halls show I’m opening solo Great Lake Swimmers at Chaffey’s Lock Community Hall Sept.14. Sold out in record time!
Kalil Bailey next Friday at The Cove! Go West young man! Look to hear a Barr Brothers tune or two!
Hearing what you’re layin’ down!