Thanks to Christine Jennings and her generosity in supporting the Westport Arts Council. Finding a whole night of music so that others might enjoy is something else.
The Peptides were the band and only just from Ottawa, they blew us all away with their striking, larger than life stage show and awkwardly appealing funky pop songwriting. Let’s do it again!

The 11th annual MUSICwestport festival was a screaming, resounding, packed, overflowing, jubilant success! Of course, this is by the standards of our small town grassroots Festival. By all accounts, every single group and every corner of the village had some sort of activity throughout the day! Local businesses who support the village were of course at the heart of it all. The Soho stage once again had a bustling atmosphere which is really created a scene. If you took in the festival, thank a board member or think a business or feel free to visit and feel free to learn more and/or donate!

Australian acoustic guitar blues virtuoso Lloyd Spiegel is ploughing through The Cove this Friday night! Should be a romper. I’m telling you this boy can manufacture some serious sound and his skill requires the word “mastery” to describe it properly. He learned and was inspired by blues and roots legend Brownie McGee within invited him to the US when he was 16 years old! From then, he is never look back and released records, toured relentlessly internationally and is ready to give your ears and eyes a work out on Friday. 7-11pm $50 + HST Buffet and Show

Logan Brown and his wonderful partner Taylor Angus return to The Cove Patio stage on Friday. Phenomenal acoustic funk and soul! 5:30-8:30pm

Weekly at The Cove:
Don’t forget about Rack ‘n Tunes every Wednesday! It’s a night of Shawn McCullough who literally gives it all vocally and flat picking which morphs into an open mic session! 7-10pm every week… Enjoy the ribs!
Thursday is Jazz Night, the infamous, with Spencer Evans Trio. Andy Love is on drums for the next two weeks! 9-11pm
Sunday matinees with Mr. and Mrs. Head singing Love songs with melodies pure and true, they’re the real deal. 12:30-3:30pm

Great to be with old Montreal buddy Andre Bendahan and family a couple of weeks back! Still playing AND doing major video work. Grow that beautiful family man…

Tom Savage record release of his newest entitled Everything Intertwined. Sat.Oct.14 in Kingston at The Mansion. What a blast playing his music on the Festival Stage last weekend with Tony Silvestri and Bonz Bowering. Tom is a seriously prolific songwriter. He and I are playing the Cove patio stage on Friday, September 1.

So sorry to hear about the passing of these people:

Gerry Pankhurst was a local character. His dry sense of humour and strong sense of opinion always kept him interesting.

Gary Davis with the doorman for her business for a few years back in the early 1990s. Stern when he needed to be but mostly always smiling and giggling under that moustache.

Rita Moore. A lovely lady and cornerstone of the Traynor Norwood Adrain family. She just had her birthday party at The Cove in March. Henry played. It was a great day for her. She will be remembered fondly by her family and friends.

Thinking about the health of Tico Traynor and Quentin Norwood. Two more swell local dudes. Take it easy guys. Get better.

Seamus Cowan (jr?)


John Huffman’s 60th was fun playing at the Chaffey’s Lock Community Hall on Saturday. They bday boy knows lots of locals as he is basically one from his early vacationing days. Good to see Guy Kelly, Malcolm, Joe, The Sprungs, The Goulah, Gay, Veronica, fold from The Socialist Pig. New Jazz Night band, Love and Goat Boy and myself took it to them. When Spence gets a good list of requests, there’s no stopping him. Cozy little party inside that little galley. I’m playing there solo opening for Great Lake Swimmers Thu.Sept.14 too.

John Wilberforce was back on a confusing weather night at The Cove Friday. Always a benefit to everyone’s ears when he is around.
Chris Murphy took to the plate Saturday at The Cove knocking out the East Coast home runs left and right. You can see why this guy was head hunted by Sean McCann of Great Big Sea to be his full time side kick.
Finally, Eric Uren came out Sunday night to brace the threatening weather of the patio. Some beautiful haunting slap back reverb on his vocal made the gig sound more Boss than usual.
Rack ‘n Tunes returns every Wednesday 7-10pm. Shawn McCullough is literally perfect as the host. In a word, he is inclusive. The reason so many come from far and wide.
Jazz Night is every Thursday 9-11pm. Spence Evans Trio with Seamus Cowan and Andy Love.
If you want to support some well known and loved friends of Blues on the Rideau, consider nothing else. Miracles for Breakfast: The Journey Continues by Lil’ Miss Debi and Danny Brooks is the story of their life and trials and tribulations. There is an Indiegogo Go Fund Me Program you can throw some cash at. Feel good story.
Honestly quite flattered and surprised to jointly accept the Westport Arts Council Volunteer of the Year award! Bringing the arts to the community on a scale we are
Happy to know that Henry Norwood and his ultra talented partner Wade Foster will be back at The Cove on the patio to get a deck wide foot stomp on and a tear in yer beer. Fresh off the boat from Halifax on a pseudo-honeymoon with his little love Kaileigh, he is sure to be inspired. Make a reso! 6-9pm
Saturday will be a heck of an ear opener for Tony Silvestri virgins. This kid is a prodigy. He plays keys like he could have been in Supertramp, sings like he could have been in Genesis and writes as well! The Belleviller has performed solo with jaw dropping command, rocked stages as a member of The Glorious Sons and has worked with Tom Savage now as a major collaborator. Come and see/hear for yourself! 6-9pm
A mention that my friend Brad Barr has released a couple new tracks on his new The Barr Brothers record, Queens of the Breakers. These people have a gift. Pride comes to mind. Check them out.
Finally, nothing more needs to be said!…

MUSICwestport. This annual free outdoor music festival is our flagship and most popular event attracting locals and visitors from far and wide—and that includes the musicians too! We continue to grow the festival but strive to maintain our roots and mission to bring music to our village and all those that join us over the third weekend in August of every year.

FREE Admission. Donations Appreciated.

Thanks to all of the local businesses and sponsors!

Schedule 2017 MUSICwestport Free Open Air Festival


Kick Off Party @ The Cove

@ The Cove Country Inn, 2 Bedford St.

$50 Buffet & Show

$20 Show Only (Seating available based what is left after Buffet & Show reservations)

7:00-11:00pm The Peptides (Pop Funk, Ottawa)


Little Rideau Farm Maple Syrup Stage

@ Soho’s Storage, 43 Bedford St.


12:00-1:00pm Kingston Ceili Band (East Coast Folk, Kingston)

1:30-2:40pm Brea Lawrenson Band (Country, Carleton Place)

3:00-4:10pm The Barrel Boys (Bluegrass, Toronto)

4:30-6:00pm Miss Emily feat. Rob Baker & Gord Sinclair of The Tragically Hip (Rock, Kingston)

Westport Village IDA Pharmacy Stage

@ The Cove, 2 Bedford St.


12:30-1:40pm Tom Savage Band (Rock, Kingston)

2:00-3:10pm The Grace Babies/Mae West (Funk, Montreal)

3:30-4:30pm A Fellow Ship (Indie Folk, Toronto)

5:00-6:30pm Kasador (Indie Rock, Kingston) Offspring of The Tragically Hip

Wandering Minstrels Downtown Westport

1:00-5:00pm King of The Swingers (Upbeat Dixieland, Westport)

Be there or be an extremely long rectangle!


Evenin’, mornin’! Shout out to our local musical equipment guru, George Reynolds and his business Chane Audio here in Westport at Rideau and Church streets. One of the only Takamine acoustic guitars dealers in eastern Ontario. Guy has almost everything you need to make a rock and roll band happen, except drums. Rented a solid little PA last minute on Saturday. By the geez, did I ever appreciate the luxury of having him in town. Go check out his wares sometime. Jam out on an axe. Chat it up with the dry but highly entertaining humour of the proprietor. He also does technical work and maintenance on instruments and amps. Rents, sells…Reputable!

Honey and Rust on Saturday at The Cove were outstanding! Shout out to the lead singer Jo Beattie and Christy Williams for giving your screaming fans and friends an al fresco patio concert experience on a literally iconic summer night on the Rideau Lakes. The Lyons crew and many a local made he night supporting their old friend and lyrical drummer/singer Christy who formerly attended Ellel Camp/Derbyshire Residence outside Westport. Will see them back soon…

This weekend at The Cove is a steady diet of music inside and out!

Wednesday is Rack ‘n Tunes weekly with the travelling road show himself of Mr. Shawn McCullough. He is an incredible talent who continuously impresses crowds with his versatility and genuine appeal. See the talent show followed by the open mic…7-10pm reservations for tables suggested.

Thursday, the young Savannah Shea of Kingston will be flying high with the Spencer Evans Trio making you dance in you seat, shoes and/or head. Her powerful yet unbridled voice is a treat. So refreshing to hear her talents come together with the group this week. Look for sounds of Adele to Carly Simon to Lady Day and more. 9-11pm dinner and show? What not?

Friday is the long awaited return, for many, of our good musical friend at The Cove and Westport, John Wilberforce! His soft sounds are a perfect accompaniment to an evening out to half shut down and enjoy life and just be. A special musician with a zen vibe. 6-9pm on the patio.

Saturday sees the East Coast sound back for  another wild and lively show with Mr. Chris Murphy of Turpin’s Trail/Sean McCann. Can’t enough about the talents of this musician. Worth the trip every time. 7-11pm inside the lounge.

Sunday is Head Over Heels love in matinee day. It’s hazy and lazy and deeply inspiring. Caesars seem to be rolling to the sounds of these two. 12:30-3:30pm weekly.
At night, Eric Uren comes back for the evening slot with his slightly more ragged and rootsy rock and roll blend. His honest voice gets you good and takes you in a comfy little ride. Let’s go, come on! 6-9pm on the patio.

So proud of my little growing man Sam. He turned 3 years old today. He makes me so happy and it’s an incredible feeling to just step back sometimes and realize that we are working to help to create the best life we can  for this special little guy. He has become a loving brother, son, family member and friend to many. He is thriving and we have so many to thank! He just got a ukulele and piano this year so he is on his way…You know, everyone says it goes so fast and enjoy every second. Well, I agree with all of that but I also feel like wow, we need to spend as much of our time with our little families as we can. We people, and I mean you, are getting too busy in life. We chase and chase and runaround trying to fit so much in. Stopping and taking in what’s right in front of us in our beautiful little people creations is most important and…most rewarding. Take time to love.

Have you seen the trailers for Detroit? Wow.

Thanks Al Gore. Thanks for reading


It’s Shark Week! It’s that annual time to drown and get the heart racing over images of lurking Aquatic beasts…and keep me increasingly afraid of the deep dark ocean. The lure of sharks is directly related to the terror of them. They have such sly existence.  Thank you Discovery Channel.

Wanted to give a shout out to our friend and music aficionado Dick Christy. Dick has always kept up with music, being a coffee house junkie and amateur radio guy. He has a mind for the Blues too. His loyalty to the music and the scene (particularly Blues on the Rideau) has grown his wisdom considerably and gained respect among his peers in the local community. It’s pretty swell to have him and his wife Marg in the area. They support live music and dance to it too.

MonkeyJunk is like a Blues bomb. Now more than ever. So much bone brother!!! What another great scene created by them here at The Cove on Friday. They have that baritone grunt from Steve Marriner’s guitar work that really gives them a Black Keys/Big Sugar (outboard motor) sound. So much fun to get up and plug in with the band once again with I’m a Ram (an old Bullmoose fav) and some boogie. Keep up the attitude boys. Keep up the low funk too. Catch them around if you can…

Jazz Night was a classic all out affair with our friends from all over migrating back to the roost. Those hot and sweaty nights with hose mixed crowds can keep on coming! The singing Andy Love will be hittin’ the skins for the evening once again. Every Thursday from 9-11pm. Resos just ain’t a bad idea…

Rack ‘n Tunes continues to bring in hope and opportunity to budding musicians and singers! Chris Douglas was a lil Bad Bad Leroy Brown troubadour last week and gave a Whitewater performance too! Looking forward to the next Voice of the Rideau? Come down on a Wednesday night, any night of the year. 7-10pm Rack ‘n Roll with Shawn McCullough. Congrats to Shawn btw, heard the Kemptville opening set with Brea Lawrenson for Dwight Yoakam was pro!

Blast from the Past BBQ/Canada 150 party at Narrows Lock Sat.Jul.29 11am-2pm. CHEO Fundraiser, Tim Hallman will be the town crier…hot dogs, hamburgs, cheddar smokies. Thanks Linda Carr for the info!

Friday at The Cove on the patio, barring another deluge like Monday, is the lovely, talented, awe-inspiring, funky and tight acoustic soul duo Taylor Angus and Logan Brown. For lovers of everything soul, Jazz, blues…Adele, Winehouse, MJ, etc. 6-9pm

Saturday at The Cove will be a new welcome addition. They are a soulful rock and roll duo with sweet & gritty vocals mixed with guitars, drums, bass, the odd fiddle solo and banjo. Honey & Rust will take you on a story-laced, dynamic ride. Highly influenced by old-time country greats, rockin’ ladies like Janis Joplin and the smooth, soulful sounds of Tracy Chapman, they draw upon music that moves the soul and engages the heart. These two Ottawa-based women are sure to get your tapping your toes and singing along. 6-9pm

Sunday will be beautiful and outdoorsy and sunny and warm, with the musical matinees love duo Head Over Heels 12:30-3:30pm every Sunday until the end of September.

Coming up the first week of August at The Cove, Thursday with soul diva Savanna Shea and Spencer Evans Trio, Friday with folk rocker John Wilberforce  and Saturday with east coast/folkie Chris Murphy!

Signed, Your friendly neighbourhood music lover


Thanks to Cindy Crank of the Chaffey’s Lock Heritage Committee for funnelling me information on it’s weekly events. Infused with soul and smothered in sass, leMeow is capturing the attention of some of Canada’s most respected music critics. LiVE 88.5 FM Music Director, DJ Noah said, “If you like Amy Winehouse, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Adele, you’ll dig leMeow!” Lead singer Gin Bourgeois is described as having the perfect combination of smoothness and grit to her voice, complemented by the funky bass grooves of James Rooke. Le Meow play Sat.Jul.22 and advance ticket are available online or at Brown’s Marina for $20. $25 at the door if still available.
Heard Eric Uren was great for the Sunnyside annual Ride for Dad fundraiser. I understand owner Kevin Scott and his friend Buddy sat in with him for a set. Apparently Eric didn’t want to leave. They raised $1800!
Ran into old friend and Westport native, surfer/multi-boarder/dad/free spirit Matty “Dubs” Westcott! Dude is a lightbulb! He and his brother released a surf film called Good Morning Miyazaki! It has garnered lots of accolades in the business and I’m really proud of the broa who live side by side in Torino, BC! Would be great to see him again sooner than later…
Ila Vann gave it a good go on Thursday as the vocal guest to Jazz Night. What a pro! We got some funky soundsbrewing and then the boys from Ohio took over. The shirts came off and the John Cougar Mellencamp and Don McLean song-off was costly. Joe for mayor! #ilavann #northernsoul
Young Petty Stones was another trip. Thanks for packing the house with nostalgia seekers! I guess rock and roll won’t die. To be continued in December…#youngpettystones #mericuh
Strung out to Dry took it to the people on Saturday on the Cove patio. It was one of those perfect bug-less evenings with the smell of sweet flowers and wetlands in the air. The band definitely channelled some Dead feelings…
Some groups are playing a nice little mid-summer event at North Crosby Community Centre. It’s Music in the Park & Olde Fashioned Picnic & BBQ. Music by Turpin’s Trail 1-4pm and Irish Roots 4-6pm this Saturday at Shillington Park. Admission FREE. $ for BBQ.
Every Wednesday is Shawn McCullough rip roaring his awesome brand of guitar playing and high-headed vocularisms! 7-10pm Reserve if you wish to sit and eat too! 
Every Thursday is a full plate of Jazz Night with some fresh mayhem and who knows what will happen. Spencer Evans thrives in this environment. Catch him weekly in his happy habitat with his fellow rhythm section beasts. 9-11pm Reservations are apparently a good idea. #goatboy
Friday is the return of one of the best power Trios of Ontario, MonkeyJunk! Juno award winners. No big deal. Hear these swamp funkers give their very best this Friday with a bunch of other boogie junkies. Delicious Buffet and Show $60 + HST 7-11?
Head Over Heels are the perfect food and drink accompaniment to your al fresco patio experience…and hey they will be there, miraculously, coincidentally, this coming Saturday night from 6-9pm and every Summer Sunday 12:30-3:30pm!!!
Here’s a fun listen. Jeff Beck owns it on his 2016 Loud Hailer. Big, low, squealing.
I listened to Donovan while writing this.