Ok, so it`s finally happened. I have one degree of separation from The Who! My friend Kevin Head walks into my office on Sunday after he was finished playing his weekly matinee gig on The Cove patio and proceeds to tell me that he posted an old beat up acoustic online and someone by the name of Pete Townshend responded to him wanting to buy it. After asking an old friend who has been working as a guitar tech and roadie for many rock and roll stars to help confirm it was actually THE Pete, he said yes, it was actually THE Pete Townshend of The Who…kids, you know all the CSI shows that have those blast out of the gates rock and roll songs that are in the opening sequence? They are Who tunes…Won’t Get Fooled Again, Who Are You?…Then there is the iconic My Generation, I Can See For Miles, Pinball Wizard…They were headliners at Woodstock, wrote one of the first rock operas Tommy, are still touring into their 70s with two of the original four members still alive! It goes without saying this is amazing to me and I’m so glad Kevin told me about it! One of my favourite live records is Who’s Next, the MCA Deluxe Edition from 1971 which has studio versions of Baba O’Riley, Bargain, Behind Blue Eyes, The Song is Over and an unleashed live set from The Young Vic Theatre in London 1971 with Pure and Easy! Enough from me. Hope that guitar gets in his hands and writes a gorgeous tune, Kevin! Good luck to Kevin and Vanessa as Head Over Heels on Thursday at The Kemptville Music Festival on the Bounder Stage! Should be a beauty with all those classic rock bands including The Beach Boys…what!!??

Such a summer for heat. Music has been optimal on the patio at The Cove and I’m sure many other areas! Catch as much music as you can on the patios in the area! I know Henry Norwood played Evergreen…

There is a bit of a commotion at The Cove this weekend as the stakes have changed a bit with no music on Saturday. Yuk Yuk’s Comedy will storm the stage instead! This isn’t Dave Chappelle, SNL, SCTV or Sienfeld but it’s going to be a tonne of fun as just like live music, live comedy is best seen live in order to get the crowd involved and the creative juices squeezed out. I’m so looking forward to hearing Ryan Dillon, Cedric Newman and Patrick Haye have the house in stitches! 7-11pm Buffet and Show $50 + HST. There might be some room at the door if you want to just come at last minute to the show…

Friday is the warm and comforting return of Mr. John Wilberforce. Such an incredibly pleasing entertainer who knows a thing about creating a magnetic aura and easy sound. His affinity for the folk/pop/rock tune has people eating out of the palm of his but not begging. Quite a talent. He will be on The Cove patio overlooking Westport Pond on Fri.Jul.20 from 6-9pm.

The same night, Young Petty Stones will be playing one set in Gananoque at Joel Stone Park @ 8pm. Should be fun to play outdoors again with the boys!

Every Wednesday continues with Rack ‘n Tunes and the Open Mic with Shawn McCullough. Come catch some local up and comers like Hillary Hutchings, Billy Allen, Jessica Wedden and many more! Thanks to the house band with Bill Parson, Dave McCullough and Mike Cochrane too! You never know what you are going to get but it’s always a good time with friends in a casual atmosphere over some ribs and tunes…7-10pm Play a tune and you could win a guitar!

Every Thursday is Jazz Night with the monster of the piano…keep those requests coming…Spencer Evans! Yours truly and Andy Love round out the group who play everything from old school jazz to dirty blues to 80s pop to psychedelic rock to freaky funk and bouncing soul! Give us your best shot with a request and we will make it happen! 9-11pm and why not come for dinner in advance?

Finally, my good friends in the Tom Savage Band will be playing at Chaffey’s Lock Community Hall this coming Sat.Jul.21. Tony Silvestri will be on keys and let me tell you, this kid is magic! Bonz Bowering and Richard Piche round out the band who is sure to play a swath of B-side classic prog-rock gems from late sixties to early seventies!  Doors & Bar open 7pm, Music starts 7:30pm. Tickets $20 online or Brown’s Marina ​$25 at door

Coming next weekend is the talented acoustic folk pop cat, Nolan Hubbard. Recommended by Logan Brown, if you love Michael Jackson, John Mayer and Jack Johnson, this is your guy. Fri.Jul.27 on The Cove patio 6-9pm.

Enjoy music down the rabbit hole…


The week started out with seeing old Montreal friend and Bullmoose album artist Todd Breree! His folks have a place on Newboro lake and through multiple suspiciously encrypted voice to text messages from his dad, we managed to catch up in the last booth where they squeezed in all 5 for mom’s celebratory birthday lunch. It’s always special for me to see people from my Montreal past. That place will always be my other home, no matter how long I live. I spent my true formative years as a young adult there. I had to find out for myself what I was made of and whether I could manage to keep it together in the music business. As it turns out, my situation remains in music but has somewhat morphed into another area than the one our three piece power rock and roll trio was hoping to run with! Bullmoose was a band of another era or place perhaps. Montreal was Arcade Fire, The Dears, Stars, Godspeed, The Besnard Lakes…it wasn’t The Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Gov’t Mule…I seriously digress but the point is that we had flash of brilliance in our culmination as a recording unit in the dark horse of Montreal studios Breakglass, where illustrator/silkscreen artist Todd “Breeree” Stewart shared a work space with The Besnard Lakes folk. Having the forefront of Montreal rock being created as a daily soundtrack most certainly had an effect on his work but I bet his famed band poster work around town pushed back on the scene some of that effect as well. Our record was a huge undertaking by the standards of our little group and our landscaping funded finances (oh, how things have changed) and the art work gave such a vibe that we would never have been able to match without an actual illustration. Breeree was just what the doctor ordered for Speaker to Speaker. I suppose it’s there forever now? So nice to see your little family thriving!
Eerie how that Seattle episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown makes you feel at the end when they smoke a joint and all of the folk he interviewed through the episode sing lines from the Mark Lanegan tune, Some Strange Religion. He sits at the bar looking around blankly, so still like a Vegas photo. Took a lot people on a lot of trips with his talent. 
Thinking about Karen Hodgson of Sunnyside road. She lost everything but still has her cat and her family, and her health. She has had time to meditate on it but now, as she put it, it’s time for her to get on with everything. There will be efforts in the coming weeks to band together as a community to support her. Please keep an eye and help with your generosity in whatever form that may be. She is one thing right now, thankful.
My wonderful friend George Donoso will be in town on Thursday for the night and will be getting up on the drums for sure! I’m so excited. I love this guy. George recorded on the Sam Roberts’ hit record “We Were Born in a Flame” and toured the world and recorded some of the best records with the Dears as well as many more of Montreal’s elite of 10 years back like Stars, The Besnard Lakes, Black Diamond Bay and more! He has most recently been here with a Beatles act featuring Jason Kent of Young Petty Stones…Fun times, always. Number 1!
This week at The Cove!
Shawn McCullough and his night of tunes and the Open Mic continues weekly 7-10pm on Wednesdays. Get up, play a tune, get a chance to win a guitar!
Jazz Night is back by the way. Last week was incredible. Classic. Such a dancefloor! Dr. Ian Jackson flyin’. Andy Love full throttle. Weekly on Thursdays from 9-11pm.
Friday is The Goodnight Irenes featuring Chris Morris and Jon McLurg (of Turpin’s Trail). Think the music of Dylan, Townes Van Zant, The Grateful Dead and other modern-esque folksters. 6-9pm on the patio.
Saturday is Riley & Riley, an acoustic blues duo from Kingston made up of father and son. Great foot stomping delivery come to you mainlined…They will be on the patio from 6-9pm.
Sunday is Head Over Heels on the Patio from 12:30-3:30 weekly. The sun loves this loving couple. Let the music play!
Ottawa Bluesfest. Missed Foo Fighters and Greta Van Fleet but vicariously through a little video from my sister I got to see a snippet of Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl battling out a rehearsed drum barrage. Woooohoooo!
Opinicon Music Fest Sat.Jul.7 happened in Chaffey’s Lock. Nice to hear there is so much music in our chill piece of the world this time of the year! 
Thinking about our friend Gus McCormick and the accident he had recently. I hope he gets well soon. 
Remembering Manfred daily now. Tourists and seasonal folk are asking. It’s just downright weird but it’s our reality. I miss Manfred. There are just too many places you look and you see him. 
More to remember…Garry Lowe, bassist of Big Sugar died yesterday. What a cat this man was. His sound and vibe single handedly attracted me to that group in a way that I feel would have never have been as attractive without him. Rastafarian from Jamaica, he joined the band in the mid 90s and they put out Hemi Vision. This dub reggae period was the heyday of Big Sugar for me. A true mix and jam of the Blues, Reggae and Dub. The concerts that Ted, Jeff, Eric, Rich and I went to go down as some of the best ever, in my books. Gordie Johnson, their fearless guitar god leader professed his profound sense of loss yesterday, he was the wisest of the elders. Listen to some Big Sugar and tell me you don’t love and miss that band. Hemi Vision, Heated, Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready?
My friend Richie Khan needs everyone’s help right now. I won’t explain it all right now other than you can see the link on my personal Facebook page. He is a good guy, a positive force, an honest citizen and a loving father. It will all be legal soon…
So lucky to have our friends Adam and Isabella come from Toronto to escape the city for a couple of days. Whew. Beach got to know us well on Sunday!
What a little treat to have dinner with some folk from Port Macquarie, Australia tonight! Adam and Emma are old friends of my sister in law Kelly. Nice of you to stop in our village en route around the east coast of North America, half way through you teaching stint in Goderich! I’m sure we will cross paths again!
Picked Belgium in the FIFA World Cup. Now out but made it to the Semis! Go England, come on England! All three remaining games will be televised at The Cove.
Huge hometown congratulations to Sarah Bonner on her major podium finish at Triathlon Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain! Her first one as a pro! Beyond impressive! 
Next weekend Yuk Yuk’s comes town with some premiere comics! Patrick Haye, Cedric Newman and Ryan Dillon are on this one. All Tdot comics, it’s a food and laughs night. Come and take it all in from 7-11pm.
Good night, sweet princes!


All I could think about was Gooooooood Mornin’ Vietnam! this weekend! “It was so damn hot, I saw a little guy in an orange robe burst into flames!” I think it’s good for us all to sweat a bit like that and realize what Mother Nature is capable of.
The World Cup has been unreal. Full of underdog wins and champion team losses. All the games are full of fans at The Cove.
Fun mix of musical talent at the Cove this weekend past. From the country of Open Mic to the anything goes mix of Jazz Night to the Hip Campfire to the east coast folky times of Turpin’s Trail to the low end folk of Head Over Heels…Happy Canada Day! And a special shout out to The Dier’s and their next door annual party! Radio is a Karaoke Star!

Coming up at The Cove this week:

Rack ‘n Tunes with the great Shawn McCullough and friends and the Open Mic! Sing and Win a guitar! 7-10pm every Wednesday. Call for resos.

Thursday’s are getting wound up for the summer season with Jazz Night. 9-11pm weekly, it’s the Spencer Evans Trio with Andy Love and I. Anything you think you want to hear is what we want to play. Jazz is fun, jazz is played but it’s a name that isn’t 100% accurate of the music played. Come out! Party. Call for resos.

Friday is the return of the real, the local, the legend, Henry Norwood! Henry will be on the patio form 6-9pm. Not much more seems to be said or known!

Logan Brown and Taylor Angus won’t be playing this coming Saturday on the patio due to a recent hiring to be the resident lounge musicians at Ottawa Bluesfest. Couldn’t be happier for this young talent who literally have everything going for them. Play the blues kids! The folk sounds of Dave Balfour will be heard on the patio instead. Great to have this accomplished singer songwriter back on stage. 6-9pm

Head Over Heels are back every Sunday with their soulful folk, jazz and blues music. What treat all around to have Big Poppa Zak Colbert on bass all day Canada Day! Sunday’s 12:30-3:30pm on the patio providing it isn’t feeling like an equatorial rainforest!

Yuk Yuk’s Comedy night at The Cove on Sat.Jul.21…some hot Toronto comics are coming! Call for resos.

Congrats to the people around the US that marched to support their sense of pride and respect for basic rights at the Immigration marches this weekend. Talking to you Jessica and Joe McQuillan especially.

Pat Murphy and I had a chat about how unreal it was that the little Kingston band gone big, The Glorious Sons opened for The Stones in Marseille, France last week! Such an honour! Our friend and former sound man Geoff Chown who has been on the road with them has been a rock in their band too. Chris Koster is in seventh heaven after this one…congrats guys, The Cove stages awaits your triumphant return as soon as you can fit us in…

Sending love, support and thoughts to Karen Hodgson who lost her home in a fire off Sunnyside Road this past week. Any support in any way is incredibly appreciated.

I’m quite happy and proud of my little nephew Braydon Kelly. He finished a school project called the Greatest Canadian and decided to do it on Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip. He is the greatest to so many for sure. It was serendipitous that the day he finished that project, he also had a chance to meet Paul Langlois of The Hip as they were playing The Cove Friday. Inspiration comes in simple ways and sometimes timing is key.

Congratulations to the members of the committee involved in the Opening of the Lockwood Park Stage on Canada Day! Thanks to Scott Blair Construction, the members of council, the village team, local residents and volunteers and everyone else who pitched in to this great benefit to the community. It is truly a beautiful structure. Without people like Kim Bonner and her vision, this just would not have been possible. And that goes for the refurbishment of the whole park!

Thinking about our buddy Richard, Margot Rothwell’s husband. Get well man.

Special shout out to my good friends and musical compatriots Tavis Triance and Jason Kent, formerly of Spoon River. They are going to be playing as a duo for the Montreal Jazz Festival at Place des Arts opening for stomp slide blues troubadour Jack Broadbent. Are you reading the Montreal? Go.

Music. Rules.


I guess it`s too late to say that I`m having a hard time figuring out where this week went. I guess, I guess…A lot went on and I guess that`s why it went by like a shard of light.
Saturday was particularly fun for me as I played another show with Miss Emily and the band. Bass is quite fun in this band. Lots going on. Lots of singing, lots of dynamic, lots of everything really! The gig was at CNIB Camp on Lake Joseph in Muskoka for the 100th birthday of the camp! The silent auction, silent donations as well as live auction by Rod Black of TSN raised $425,000! Nuts! We had a power set of originals and more with a tonne of fab musicians. Sarah Harmer’s drummer Cam Giroux joined on drums for this one too. Fun to get down and groove with this guy! Fun to reconnect with he and his wife Suzie aka Oh Susanna! Thanks for getting up to sing a song of your new record, My Boyfriend. Such a consummate pro, need to have her back to The Cove. Cam Wyatt of Kasador, James Wannamaker on sax of You’ve Got a Friend, Kirt Godwin of The Tigers and Ben Vandergaast of Moon Sugar were all out on stage too. Quite a band. Thanks to Emily for having me. Hell of a drive but a great cause for some amazing people. Campfire jam with Bill was special! Looking forward to the next one! She will be at MacKinnon Brothers’ Back to the Farm Festival in Bath on Sun.Aug.19 all day! She will be the second last act that night with a tonne of other bands from Kingston and more! Great event…
The first Jazz Night of the season with the band was fun. We gave it. Spencer was particularly great too. After over two decades, you would like to think that things are improving. Well they are changing I`d say. Back in the day, I was of course younger and the times were, well different in my life. Lots of fun after hours stories with those early Jazz Night years. The music we have always played has been classic and uncovered classic. It seems those times are being unearthed again. Come and see what`s happening! Jazz Night every Thursday 9-11pm @ The Cove!
Every Wednesday is the night of champions with our friend Shawn McCullough on guitar and vocals. He is there for you folks. This man gives it too! Open Mic always starts post Shawn solo show. I like that, `Shawn Solo`, sort of like Han Solo. He certainly does use the force but won`t force you onto stage. Rack `n Tunes 7-10pm @ The Cove!
Every Sunday is lovely with Head Over Heels but this Sunday, Canada Day will be a day to remember with the particularly uplifting sounds of one of Eastern Ontario’s great bass players, Zak Colbert! Happy Canada Day from all of us at The Cove is what I say! Zak adds depth, soul, funk, power, colour and positivity to any gig he plays. Adding his great 5-String bass playing to the Head Over Heels sound of their sets of blues, jazz and folk will be a certain tasty treat. There will be two sets, the first at the usual matinee Sunday time 12:30-3:30pm and the second at 6-9pm before the fireworks start on the other side of town at the Beach!
Canada’s big day will also be celebrated around town with the bicycle parade kicking off at Lockwood Park, the festivities at Rideau Vista Public School with music an activities all day long including an Elvis impersonator, music my The Doherty Brothers of Smiths Falls playing classic rock and the main event of Fireworks at 10pm! Enjoy and thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers of this great annual tradition!
The big time shows this week at The Cove are Friday and Saturday though…
Friday is the triumphant return of Campfire Liars Club with none other than Paul Langlois of The Tragically Hip and his three fellow guitar wielding buds and label mates, Greg Ball, Jim Tidman and Joe Carscallen! This night is always super frank and keeps you guessing. It’s the type of night you just want to be a part of. Greg is completely coming into his own as a singer/songwriter with Joe, the main guitarist in his band (who will be playing MUSICwestport this year btw…). Jim is a local Elgin lad whose friendship and songwriting has kept him a fixture of this club. Paul is still creating post Tragically Hip and his voice continues to grow as a producer, writer and singer. We are honoured to have his presence a part of our establishment. It’s truly a wonder to have these types comes through our doors. Buffet and Show 7-11pm $60 + HST, almost sold out.
Saturday is the annual Canada Day Pre-Party with the all too Canadian group from Kingston and area, Turpin’s Trail! The Trail always put on a show that makes you feel so Canadian in some way! What better local band to have play than this quartet! Buffet and Show 8-11pm $45 + HST. Call for reservations…
Ottawa Bluesfest will hopefully get their stages up as a Killdeer nest is currently in the way! Greta Van Fleet and Beck is where I would put my money…Let’s see if I can get to at least one of them…
Quite a lineup and venue expansion for Festival of Small Halls the last three weekends of September in Eastern Ontario. Congratulations to the planning team and local volunteers for making what looks to be the best season yet!
Special shout out to my neice Breanna and nephew Braydon and all the kids in the area who are working hard to make good grades and succeed in school! Know that your parents are extremely proud of you and that all these accomplishments along the way are all contributing to your bright futures!
Thanks for reading and enjoy this hot weather!
Send me your local musical events, please!


A special welcome to Kevin Murphy, an Irish Historian from Forkhill Parish, County Armagh, Ireland. Kevin is co-author of the “out of print book”, A Famine Link, The Hannah, South Armagh to Ontario. Many of the Irish survivors of this ship wreck in 1849 initially settled on Foley Mountain and numerous descendants still live in the areal! His book was the basis and inspiration for documentaries by the CBC and the BBC, articles in the renowned Irish American Magazine and most recently a CD by Declan O’Rourke entitled “Chronicles of the Great Irish Famine” which has been nominated for Ireland’s 2018 Music CD of the year! Kevin will be available at The Cove to autograph your previously purchased books from 3-5pm this Sat.Jun.23! If you wish to join Kevin and other guests for a buffet dinner or a la carte at 6pm, reservations can be made by phoning The Cove at 613.273.3636 in advance. Thanks so much to Jane Murphy for organizing this great cultural memorial event for Westport and it`s descendants!
In case you don`t have TV, a phone, a computer or haven`t watched CBC or any other major World Cup has started! I love Spain, want to see Messi win, don`t want to see Ronaldo win because of his ego, happy that England is looking good, behind Iceland, confused why the Netherlands aren`t in, hoping Canada will be in at some point in the future, picking Belgium to win it all and am silently in love with Uruguay! Robbie Williams was hilarious! Red leopard suit with shave swoop. What can you say…Watching daily, it`s a blast. Like the Olympics or something. Maybe if you are interested in catching a game with some like minded fans and you don`t have a place to watch, come down to The Cove! The atmosphere is great when more folk are out and it gets wild in there towards the end with the rabid shouting and screaming. Find your team and watch your games!
Check out Graven`s new song, Hymnal, produced by Jim Bryson. It`s a musical memoir of life in summer camp and all that you `learn`. Graven, aka Matty McKechnie will
play The Cove patio from 6-9pm on Fri.Aug.3.
Miss Emily was incredible on Saturday at the Isabel Bader Centre in Kingston! I loved the idea, Miss Emily sings Kingston II! Singing some of her own tunes and some songs by local artists through her interpretation. Some guest artists were there too…Ryan Lewis (who used to sing with Spencer Evans Trio on Jazz Nights) sang one, Jonas Lewis-Anthony (lead singer of The Wilderness) sang one with acoustic guitar, one of my first great teachers and incredible musicians Zak Colbert played some duo 5-string bass work with Emily as did guitarist Cameron Wyatt of Kingston’s indie upcomers Kasador. Sean Jensen was full of nuance on drums as was Van Sheen on guitar and Spencer Evans on piano. I did some soul sister singing and bass playing…Emily was a star. She has risen to a new level that you rarely see. Her vocals are as strong as ever and her confidence and stage presence are so evident because it’s so easy for her to just be on that stage. The music she is performing and writing these days is close to her heart and speaks to her strengths. And that theatre, absolutely world class. So much fun being a part of the night. Great job Margie, Gord, Aaron and everyone else! Fun to see Colleen Brown of Major Love at the end of the show…and Larry and Maggie from Upstate New York who were sitting in the front row! Looking forward to playing CNIB Camp on Lake Joseph in Muskoka with her and the band. Oh Susanna might join for a tune too!
Terry Tufts gave a masterful outdoor evening show on Saturday. His acoustic aural filled the gardens and beyond. Oh, and the Meet the NHL Pros Gala: A Fundraiser for FOTA on Friday. What a howl with the throwback pros 80s Enuff headed by Pat Murphy and friends! We so thank him for his generosity in performing for this event. He certainly knows how to put on a larger than life show! The fundraiser brought in over $6500 for FOTA through silent auction and live auction (which my father did), 50/50 draw, donations and 50% of each ticket sale! Thanks to the NHL Pros for donating their time to this great cause: Rick Smith, Fred O’Donnell, Jay McClement, Chris Clifford and surprise appearance by Chris Phillips. Thanks as always to the FOTA folk, especially Bob Scott and the Scott clan, Mark Herlehy, Rick Smith, Frank Huth and many more. Thanks also to the generous donations by Martin Drevjany and Chris Atack. Finally, thanks to Westport in supporting such an incredible event and being so generous in the auctions!
LeMeow, soul infused indie pop smothered in sass…there is a Concert/Dance at the Chaffey’s Lock Hall Saturday night! They can’t wait to have them back after the amazing time had by all last year. Last year, lead singer Gin was literally singing with the crowd as her chorus as the rest of the band packed up the instruments at the end. According to Gay Henniger who is on the Chaffey’s Lock Board, “The music is always so fresh and they seem to have “it” all together.  Even when they do a cover from the Moetown days they always give it a leMeow twist.” Tickets are still available online @ Onstagedirect/chaffeyslock or at Dave Brown’s Marina.
Shawn McCullough continues to juggle the party on Wednesdays with Rack ‘n Tunes and Open Mic from 7-10pm. Fun, fun, fun. Try the ribs!
Spencer Evans Trio will be back for their 22nd season! What the ….!? I mean, seriously, has the reunion tour to Australia started yet? Should be another blast as drummer/singer extraordinaire Andy Love is back behind the drums with yours truly on bass! 9-11pm every Thursday $5. Party all the time, give us your requests and we will play them. Everything from Sidney Bechet to Ray Charles to James Brown to Gnarles Barkley to Bruno Mars to Elvis to Neil Diamond to Three Dog Night to Zeppelin to The Beatles to Garth Brooks to Beethoven to Simple Minds to David Bowie to Frank Sinatra to INXS to Jackson Brown to whatever else…
Grant Fullerton will be back for his 3rd time to showcase what it means to have a Hawaiian shirt rock and roll party! He is such a googly performer with a wonderful predisposition for self-depricating humour. He used to play for Lighthouse. 7-10pm in the lounge $10.
John Wilberforce will take the patio with his easy, breezy acoustic style from 6-9pm on The Cove patio.
Next weekend is going to be lots of fun too!
Paul Langlois of The Tragically Hip’s Campfire Liars Club on Fri.Jun.29 7-11pm buffet and show…
The annual Canada Day Pre-Party with Turpin’s Trail on Sat.Jun.30 6-11pm buffet and show…
Canada Day all day with Head Over Heels…featuring THE Zak Colbert on bass Sun.Jul.1 12:30-3:30 and 6-9pm…
Dwayne Thomas Jr…Mono Neon, Ghost Note. Just massive amounts of fun worth checking out!
Send me your local musical listings folks!
Thanks for reading!